Monday, September 16, 2013

Denver area surroundings and recent floods

The area of Colorado we moved to has trails and parks everywhere. I love it and so do the kids. We have several within walking distance to our home.

We also lucked out and moved into a community with a pool. It closed Labor day but until then we were going at least every week. They have a big pool and a kiddie pool which made it easier for me to watch all the kids alone because the big kids were in the big pool with their life jackets and then Nora, Jane and I would sit in the kiddie pool together.
The temple is in Centennial, which is about a 45 minute drive south of here, without any traffic. In traffic it'd be more like an hour and a half. This is a smaller temple and it's not just right there where you can see it for miles, like I'm used to...I couldn't see it until I was in the neighborhood. But when you do see it, I take in a deep breath and smile because it's beautiful and just the sight of it makes me so happy! I love the temple; it's about my favorite place to be other than our home. They have a new temple video which is the same as the old one, and yet so different. I love it. I learn so many things while in the temple and receive inspiration and guidance for our family and other faucets of life. Temples are built and being built all over the world and I'm glad that we have so many now so that people everywhere can attend.
As many of you are aware, since it's national news, we've had a lot of water and flooding in this area over the past week. Our family is fine. The area where we live is kind of on this giant hill so our home, school, stores, work, everything has not been affected by the flooding. We have gotten a lot of rain, I feel like I live in Seattle again, but with more hard rains instead of just lots of drizzling. Since I don't watch the news I wasn't aware of the flooding for a couple of days until friends were talking about husbands getting home late because of road closures from the flooding because we do have friends whose husbands work out of Boulder. Anyway, I thought some of you might be interested to know how we're being affected here by the floods. I'll let you know if anything changes.


MarieC said...

I've been thinking about you with all the flooding going on in Colorado. Hope it is not affecting you!

Elisa said...

Marie, thank you for your thoughts. I just added something to this post on the floods. I hope you're all doing well!