Monday, September 2, 2013

Cooking Again

 Once we got settled into our new home, we decided to bake some cookies and bring them to our neighbors and introduce ourselves. Here is Nora, watching impatiently for the cookies to be done so she can eat one.
 We've had a couple of months of craziness with trying to show and sell our house and then moving and so I really haven't made home-made meals on a regular basis until just recently. We were eating out at least once a week and we had a lot of spaghetti and other throw it together in a few minutes, types of meals like scrambled eggs or sandwiches. It was so fun to actually update our menu again and plan out the entire week. I loved being able to spend time in the kitchen again, doing my thing :). 
 This is a new favorite and a sort of copycat of Mongolian Grill (our fav place to eat in Washington). Basically sauted veggies with noodles, brown rice and sauce (and a meat if you like...we did some chicken), and peanuts on top. Yum!

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