Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chores and Around the House

I got my new laptop!!! It's so much smaller and lighter and faster than my last one! I love it! My last one was a Toshiba that weighed around 6 lbs, had a ginormous cord with a ginormous battery (which was the main reason it died...the battery weighed so much it was always pulling on the cord and caused some problems...we even replaced the battery and cord twice). This one is an Asus, it's small (I think the screen is 11 something inches) and light and the battery is teensy compared to my last. And I think it's pretty cool that it's a touchscreen like our smart phones. Now, on to my post.
I have mentioned here before that I keep chore charts for the kids when they were not in school and I love those chore charts. They help the kids stay on task and make us feel like we're still being somewhat productive :). Well, since we've moved here and started school again, I've been having a hard time getting the kids up and ready and going in the mornings. I was sounding like a broken record with how many times I was having to repeat myself to, 'do this' and 'get this done before we go' and 'did you do this?' etc that I was getting irritated and frustrated with the kids for not being on top of things and one morning in a moment of desperation and on the verge of insanity, I quickly dropped what I was doing in the kitchen ( helping someone put together a lunch while repeating orders and reminding them to 'hurry!'), ran up to my room and typed up this daily chore chart for each of my three school-aged kids,  printed them out, and stuffed them each in a clear plastic sheet cover. It literally took me 5 minutes to do the whole thing so I know this was a stroke of inspiration from the Lord because I wouldn't have thought of these things on my own this fast. Anyway, they have two lists: "Before School" and "After School". They have a list of things they need to complete and check off and at the bottom of the 'before school' list it says, "leave for school, 7:55" which I later told my kids means that the 'before school' section must be checked off by 7:55 (we actually don't need to leave until a few minutes after 8) and if everything is checked off by that time and then if they finish their after school things, each day they can earn a dollar. But only if all those things are done. I also informed them that if you don't finish your stuff by 7:55, you still have to do it before school, but you won't get the dollar...I made that rule a week after I made these charts because someone didn't finish their list on time and so that someone would not unload their section of the dishwasher because they knew they hadn't earned a dollar anyway and then I would do it while they were at school. By the way, this is working great! I love lists and things like this that help me and the children be productive. I makes lists for myself all the time, too.
Here is a picture of Annabelle 'unloading' her section of the dishwasher. I say 'unloading' because many times she'll get in her own world and have the forks and spoons etc be dads and moms and she ends up playing make-believe while she unloads :), it's actually pretty fun to watch. She's a cute girl.


 Here is a random picture. When all the kids were at school one day, Jane came down in her swimsuit, grabbed a leotard and proceeded to put the leotard over her swimsuit. Her swimsuit has a little skirt at the bottom so it didn't work out great.
 She is always coming out in the funniest little outfits! The other day we went to our local grocery store and it wasn't until we got out of the van that I realized she had taken off the clothes we had put on her that morning and was now wearing her sparkly and ruffley Tangled swimsuit over black tights. She looked pretty stylish :). If only I had gotten a picture.


 And the last picture is also kinda random but it's another 'around the house' pic. We finally got all our pictures up and the only new thing I did was I created a 'family shrine', if you will, which is basically framed pictures of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, or our parents and siblings. I love it because even though we live far from our families, having these pictures front and center in our family room draws our thoughts to them more often and the kids talk about them more. We had a couple pictures of family around before, but not like this. I saw something like this in a movie I recently saw, Parental Guidance, which was my inspiration.


Evaly said...

I needed to see this post today- thanks for sharing. I feel like I am nagging my kids constantly and they STILL aren't getting things done! I always feel like they should get things done just because they are supposed too, but maybe that is too much to ask and I need to let them earn some money. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. I found your blog through your food blog- hope you don't mind me popping in here. I am LDS too, with 5 kids :)

Elisa said...

Evaly, thanks for your comment. Good luck with the kiddos and I know what you mean, shouldn't they just do this because they love their sweet mom and don't want me to have to do everything? :) I have plans to post on my food blog again soon...moving is crazy but I'm getting back into the swing of things.