Monday, September 9, 2013

A Visiting Teacher

The hardest thing about moving, for me, is leaving all my dear friends behind and then starting over, not knowing anyone again. That being said, being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka Mormon) definitely helps. Why? Because we have local wards and groups all over the world and when you move some place new, there are always people there to help you move in, people to show you around and get you situated, people who share similar beliefs and ways of living who reach out and become fast friends.

Before we moved I contacted our new bishop in Colorado and he gave me the phone numbers of a couple of women in the ward who he thought would be good to talk to while I tried to figure out schools etc. They were so sweet and emailed and called me several times with all sorts of information. Within a very short time I had very good recommendations for a school, piano teacher, pediatrician and dentist.

Another thing that is very special about this church is that we have something called 'Visiting Teachers' and 'Home Teachers'. Visiting teachers are two woman who are companions, put together after prayerful consideration from their leader, who go visit three (more or less) specific women each month and share with them a gospel message. Home Teachers are the same thing except it's two men who are put in a companionship that visit 3 (more or less) families each month and share a gospel message.

When I was younger, especially as a young, single adult, I didn't really appreciate visiting teaching. It was more of a chore, something that needed to be done each month. But for many years now I've developed a love for visiting teaching. I love that I instantly have several friends. I think I'm a fairly friendly and social person but I also have a large family that takes up most of my time so I really don't get much of an opportunity to get out and visit with others. This is another reason I love visiting teaching and the entire Relief Society organization, because not only is there a huge emphasis on the home and family but it also allows me to develop meaningful friendships outside of the home with other women, friendships where we lift and strengthen one another. I'm grateful I was asked to be a visiting teacher within a couple of weeks of moving because I've already made four wonderful friends. This church, the gospel of Jesus Christ, is the foundation for everything my family does and for who we are. It is the anchor in our lives amongst change and sometimes chaos in the world around us.

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