Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Victory Dance, Games, Chick-Fil-A and Duct Tape Wallet

Short video of Charles doing his victory dance(he likes to do this when he wins something like on field day or whenever):

The family playing a game of "headbands"

 Jane making some sort of something with the jenga blocks.
 A friend called one day a couple of weeks ago and said something like, "just so you know your girls will be coming home (Elisabeth and Annabelle were over playing) with some black dots and ears we made for chick-fil-a day so if they say they want to go for dinner, that's why." If you dress up like a cow on this particular day you get a free meal. If you just wear a few black dots or sport some sort of cow accessory you get a free entree. All the kids got free meals and Scott and I got an entree each :).

 We had a lot of leftover colored duct tape from Elisabeth's birthday party and she's been asking to make a duct tape wallet so we helped her and charles make one after the younger kids were in bed.

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