Monday, July 22, 2013

Quick Trip to Denver

My good friend Kim and her family offered to watch our four oldest children one weekend in July so Scott and I (and Nora; she's still young enough to be a free flyer) could fly out to Denver and find a rental home. Nora was a great flier. She slept most of the time on the way there.

 Here we are waiting in line to get our rental car. There was a very long line and I was glad I made our first rental home showing appointment with plenty of time to spare because we had to wait about an hour before we even got up to the front of the line.

Our trip was productive. Within 24 hours we looked at 6 homes, drove around several neighborhoods, found Scott's work and turned in one application for a rental home. There were several other families that had also turned in applications on the same home (btw, the rental home market in denver is Crazy! Most homes are only on the market for a couple of days before they're snatched up). We found out a couple days later that we got the house we wanted! We were also able to meet one of Scott's new co-workers and his wife. We had lunch together (though Nora was very tired and cranky so I spent half the time outside letting her walk around; here she is, picking up anything she can find and checking it out by putting it in her mouth. I didn't notice her pick up a cigarette butt and put it in her mouth until she made a funny face. Ew!)

Afterwards we walked around the strip and found an ice cream place. And this cute little girl really liked Nora.


Scott and I enjoyed our time together, staying at the hotel and such, even though it wasn't exactly 'alone' time since we had Nora, but it was close enough :). My only problem was the flight home. Let me tell you about it.

It's about an hour flight from Denver to Salt Lake City and it ended up being two hours because of a thunderstorm in Salt Lake City. When we first attempted our descent we had a couple of really big dips, big enough where most the people on the plane said, "Whoa!" like when you're on a roller coaster ride, but what was going on in my stomach was about ten times worse then when I'm on a roller coaster ride. The captain announced that we would try and wait it out about 20 minutes or so and then try our descent again, but if the thunderstorm was still hanging around we might need to land in Ogden and refuel before we came back. During those 30 minutes that we waited I felt awful. The airplane was still in this nauseatingly uneasy state of motion and I tried doing all the things you might do for motion sickness, like pointing the air thing on my face and being still, but it did not help. I grabbed my vomit bag just before it came out.  Then I closed it up and unsteadily walked it back where the stewardess was buckled up in her seat and asked her where to put it. She jumped up and opened the bathroom door and said, "in that garbage". So I did, and then I asked her if I could go to the bathroom really quick. "No, you really can't. I need you to sit right now because as you can feel, we're still a bit shaky." I nodded my head and then asked for another vomit bag. She gave me a couple plus some napkins and a big black trash bag and I went back to my seat. I was okay for a few minutes until the captain got on and said, "ready for our descent" and then we started down again, and it was really, really rocky. I threw up again, and again. Nora was crying in Scott's lap next to me. I felt her trying to grab at me. She wasn't feeling well either.  I could hear other people around me passing throw up bags to their neighbors so I knew I wasn't the only sick one which was just a teeny, tiny bit comforting.

Once we landed, the plane erupted in cheers and applause. Not me. I still felt awful. I kept my head down and leaned against the back of the seat in front of me. I slowly climbed off the plane and went to the bathroom while Scott took a sweaty and also unwell Nora to get our van from the parking garage and then they picked me up. I felt awful the entire car ride home. I went to sleep right when we got home around 8pm. Scott dropped me off first and then he went to pick up the kids at Kims. Sunday morning I felt okay but then Sunday afternoon and evening I felt nauseous again, and same thing Monday. By Tuesday I felt normal again. I've never had motion sickness this bad before unless you count pregnancy, but I don't think you can count it because they're different. Scott took a picture of Nora once the flight landed. Poor girl. It's a good thing she didn't throw up because I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have gotten it in a bag.

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The Horne's said...

ELISA!!! This post is giving me ANXIETY!!! I hate, hate hate flying and especially hate turbulence. And I have only felt little bump and freak out. I cannot imagine actually being on a flight where people are throwing up. It gives me peace that you landed and all was fine, but I would have been freaking out that we were going to die. I hate hate that feeling. I seriously am sick to my stomach reading this post. Oh my gosh. Did you ever think you wouldn't make it? Scott, my husband is such a good flier, and never worries about that. But one bump and I feel like we're not going to make it ha ha! I fly medicated now. No joke.