Monday, July 1, 2013

Loved ones

 Nora does this with her hand whenever she wants this case the green smoothie that's in her sippie cup. We love it when she puts her hand out like this to beg for things :).
 Jane wanted me to take a picture (or three actually) of her bending over her sandals? Not sure if she just wanted the focus on the sandals or of her and the way she bends? Anyway, here's one of the three I took :).
 Elisabeth turned 9 this week (more on that in a future post) and Jane, Nora and I joined her for lunch at the 'birthday table' which is something the school does every month to celebrate the kids birthdays. She requested Little Caesar's pizza so I brought that in and she got some milk for her and Jane and she gave her cupcake that the principal hands out, to Jane which you can see Jane inhaling in the picture below.

So you remember that list of 'things to do' in Utah before we leave? Well, it's sort of changed. Our time is very limited and it's made me reflect on what I really want to do while I'm here. What really matters most is the people. They are what/who I'm going to miss most and who/what I love most. I will still take pictures of a few places that mean a lot to us so the kids can look back and I can tell them some of our history with a visual (school, library, BYU), but other than that we're filling our last days with the people we love. And that's as it should be because, really, what matters the most involves the people around us. We've gotten together with (and are still trying to get together with) with friends and family and friends who have become like family over these past 6 years. I haven't been successful at taking pictures with everyone, but I'm doing my best. Here is my dear, dear friend Elisa. She and I met 6 years ago at the story time at our local library. I had just moved in and had zero friends and I saw her there and recognized her. So I went up to her and said, "Did you sing at a relief Society Stake activity in Washington a couple of weeks ago?" and she said, "yes". She told me she just moved here from Philadelphia and had been visiting her in-laws when she sang that song (her mom-in-law was my stake relief society president). So we exchanged names, which just happened to be the same!!! And we were both about 5 months pregnant with little girls! It was not a coincidence or some lucky chance that we met. I know the Lord knew we'd become fast, loyal friends. And we did. I love this lady and will miss her dearly. But we'll stay in touch!
Last week we went to Hannah's birthday party (my cousin Rachel's daughter) so we got to see several of my cousins again and my aunt and uncle, all of whom we love.

Here is me and my cousin Rachel. We're about the same age and very much alike. Is it any wonder I love her so much?  :) 

 And here we are with our hubbies, Pete and Scott (and Jane slipped in too).

 And here we are with Uncle Fred and Aunt LuAnn, Nora, Parker and Hannah. And somehow Sharee got out of our picture taking group. I think she must have left before we snapped these group you can tell in the picture below and the two above, we didn't think to do these until late at night :). But we love Sharee and Dave and their kids too!
 And some more pictures from Hannah's carnival party from earlier on in the evening:


Lindsay said...

So I want to hear your schedule! When are you packing up and moving? What is your timetable like?
Because I definitely want to grab your kids sometime and let them play or we can do a big playdate or just whatever you need the most. Are you packing yet?
Tomorrow Emerson has eye surgery so I am kind of playing it by ear as far as how the recovery goes. I know for at least a week he needs to keep pretty still and inside. Hopefully, it will be a quick recovery though. And from the pics, it looks like Annabelle's cast is off, is that right? Is she free to play yet??

Elisa said...

Hey Linds! I would love to get together with you guys again soon! I'll send you an email with our schedule and hopefully we can find a time that will fit.