Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Library Activities and other June fun

 Above: at the park playing with friends during soccer practice. I made several good friends from sitting and waiting while Elisabeth played soccer. Many times Kiersten, Noel and Jenni would stay and we'd visit while the kids played. Here are some of our kids together on the play equipment.

Below: while Scott was in Minnesota and we had several showings in one evening I took the kids to Arctic Circle for dinner (I waited to eat until we got home because fast food makes me feel nasty). Here is Nora so happy to be eating her courtesy cone!
 Another night that Scott was out of town and we were doing a showing we stopped by the library to pick up a few things and we just happened to arrive as this reptile/burrowers show was beginning.
 We saw lizards, turtles, a baby alligator, and more.

 Here is Nora and I shelling and eating peas. We didn't plant much in the garden this year since we're moving but we did get some peas in.
 Scott took this at the Mall of America in Minneapolis where he likes to visit sometimes and buy us gifts, or just brag by sending cool pictures of huge lego creations etc :).

 And Jane asleep in her toddler bed. She still sucks her fingers. We're not going to try to break that habit until after we move and her settled in. How do you break that habit you ask? I'm hoping by merely taking away her yellow blanket, which is the one pictured below, that it will do the trick.  She loves that blanket and we only give it to her when she's going to bed because when she's holding it she sucks her fingers. All these pictures came from our phones and I don't usually remember to get pictures off our phones very regularly which is why these June photos are being posted a couple weeks into July. Alright, that's it for now.

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