Monday, July 15, 2013

Last week of school and summer fun

The last week of school(end of June, beg of July) was busy for us. I had Elisabeth's birthday table to go to, a pirate play, field day and Elisabeth had two talent shows, one for just her class and then they choose the 6 best talents from the class to contribute to the third grade talent show. Elisabeth had two out of three talents she performed that got picked: playing Fur Elise on the piano and a little gymnastics routine. A quick disclaimer; Elisabeth is not in gymnastics, never has been, and on the spur of the moment at the end of her class talent show she raised her hand when they called for 'any other talents' and she put together a little routine doing one handed cartwheels, and front and back walk overs. She has a younger neighbor in gymnastics that has taught her a few tricks :). The third talent (the one that didn't get picked for the third grade talent show) was a dance that her and 3-4 other girls choreographed to a Taylor Swift song :).  Watching them gave me flashbacks to my childhood elementary and junior high days when I would make up dances with my sister and my best friend Katherine and our neighbors Emily, Sara and Sarah. I think for a church talent show we once made up about 6 dances to different Mariah Carey songs and after the first three or so were done, one of the lady leaders asked us to please not do any more and to allow others to have a turn :). Lol! We were that good! :)

Back to our busy school week, two days before school ended Elisabeth's class performed a pirate musical. Here is Elisabeth dressed in Scott's red and white striped shirt with a bandana. She's looks mighty fierce! Argh! :)

The last day of school was field day. I volunteered to do an activity since it was during a week that Scott would be home and could help with our younger girls. They did the olympics and I was in charge of the discus throw (frisbee through a hula hoop) for grades 1 and 4.
It was super hot. It was during the week that we had 6 straight days of over 100. And since then it's cooled down to the high 90's. Below is a picture of Charles, then a picture of Charles walking near my discus station, and then Elisabeth is in the third one down.

Aren't her tennis shoes wonderfully bright? I love them. She picked them out for her birthday.

And since it's been so hot the kids have been doing a lot of water play activities. Charles thought it'd be funny to sit inside a bucket full of water which we were using to fill the bazooka-water-soaker-gun-thing.
Well, I guess I should say he thought it would be fun until he got stuck and had to have Scott pull him out! :)
Nora found a shady spot near the slide and is drinking down a refreshing, cold, green smoothie.
We BBQed one night and Scott made a double stacked burger using one of his patties and one of my black bean burger patties (they are amazingly yummy! Seriously, they are!). Before he took this picture he said something like, 'this would be offensive to a vegan', with a wry smile.
A friend in our neighborhood puts on a neighborhood pool plunge every Monday during the summer and my kids love to go. Here they are swimming around and that's my good friend Kim sitting by Jane on the steps.

Every Wednesday we have playgroup and lunch at a splash park. It's a good excuse to get us out of the house. I'm definitely becoming a home body...I think life's just so much easier to handle when you're home and you're not worried about someone running off into the street or getting lost in a store or throwing a tantrum in front of strangers or asking you to buy every single item in sight. The library is one place we'll visit about once a week but even that is always an adventure with Jane grabbing every princess book and movie in sight and adding it to her already full basket, Nora toddling down the aisles pulling as many things off the shelves as fast as she can and the older kids fighting over who gets to put my library card in the slot and check us all out...sometimes tears ensue as well as some shoves and not so nice words. We're working on that.

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