Monday, July 29, 2013


Have I mentioned before that we are so sad to leave all of our good friends in Utah? I talked about Elisa L. in another post because she's amazing and like a sister to me, but here we are again with her family after Benjamin's baby blessing.

Andrew and Charles are the same age and are good buddies.
And Annika and Annabelle are the same age. Can you tell they love each other? I hope they are college roommates at BYU someday :). We will all be staying at their house one night this week while we prepare to move. Thanks in advance! My kids have been talking about it non-stop!
Here is my good friend Lindsay and our kids.
We have ten between the two of us :). We did a babysitting swap for a year or so where her and Matt would go out while we watched kids and then the next month Scott and I would go out while they watched our kids. The children loved it and so did we. Lindsay has also taken our family pictures for years and I got to do a few birthday cakes for her family. Lindsay is also about the most patient, loving person I know. And she has five young kids so that's pretty impressive.  Even though she's younger than me, I totally look up to her. 
The Wilcoxes have been our next door neighbors and good friends for these past 6 years. Maren and I have gone on a lot of walks together, we've done lots of play dates, book club, zumba, healthy food cooking and sharing of recipes and more recently we've had lots of family game nights together. Their son Brigham and Charles are best buds. And Brian was just called as our bishop! They are a good family who we will miss dearly.
Amanda and Aaron are also our neighbors and good friends and we do game nights with them as well. Let me clarify: there are three families that do game nights together, Wilcoxes, Smiths and Hansens, and we rotate having game night at our homes on about a monthly basis. It worked out perfectly because the Hansens have girls our girls ages, and the Wilcoxes have boys that Charles likes to play with so everyone had a good friend and of course Scott and I love Amanda and Aaron and Maren and Brian so it worked out great. Another amazing family.

Gina is my longest-standing Utah friend. We met when our families lived in the Wymount student family housing 9 years ago. She got me into cake decorating and we took some cake classes together at craft stores. I didn't get a picture of her kids but she has 5 also and is pregnant with her sixth. Our children love each other and so do we.

 I've mentioned Kim Scott before as well, and here are some pictures with her family. We had dinner and games over there recently and here are some pictures with our evening together.

 My kids slept over at her house the night Scott, Nora and I were in Colorado and the younger girls really bonded with some of their older kids like Brittany in the picture below.
 Ethan is a year younger than charles and they are good buds.
 Zach was making Jane laugh so hard we were afraid she was going to choke (she was eating).
 Me and Kim! Love this lady!
 I tried to get a normal-ish picture of the guys who were all sitting around the table together.
 But that didn't happen. This is the closest to normal I got.
 Ha! And I thought Scott was bad when it came to taking pictures!
 Abby and Elisabeth have been friends since nursery. They are BFF's; they even have necklaces that say so :).

I've talked about several people and families in this post and in previous posts but we really have so, so many people we love in this area that it would be impossible for me to name them all and get pictures with everyone. I am so, so, so grateful for our time in this area. I am so grateful and blessed to have known the people I have known. I have learned A LOT by watching their examples. I really do feel like where we live is mostly about the people around us; who we can lift and help and change and who can lift, and help and change us. I know Colorado will be wonderful and filled with wonderful people just as Utah was wonderful.

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