Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Elisabeth's 9th Birthday!!!

(Above is a HUGE #9 balloon...Elisabeth saw it at our local grocery store some weeks prior and requested to be gifted it on her birthday. It is pretty cool!)

 After Elisabeth woke up on Saturday June 29th, we had french toast on cinnamon bread for breakfast (upon her request), opened her package from Granny and Grandpa (which I knew was going to be gift cards for clothing shopping which is what she wanted and which is why we made sure to do it that morning) and then Elisabeth and I took off for a few hours before her party to go buy her some new clothes. She didn't want me or Scott to buy her presents for her birthday, but instead she wanted us to buy her some new clothes and shoes on her birthday...she gets lots of hand-me-downs which are fabulous, but she's been wanting some new things and she's getting a bit particular about her style. She seems so young for this! Here she is with her loot: 3 pairs of shoes and several outfits later, we were done! And we found some amazing deals! JC Penney had amazing clearance items and Old Navy was having a 4th of July sale so we really scored. And many thanks to both sets of grandparents for sending money/gift cards so she could really go to town :).

We got Subway on the way home, quickly ate it once we got home and then a few minutes later her friends arrived. We invited quite a few. We normally put a limit and we kind of started out with one but since we're moving really soon we thought she might as well invite all the girls she loves, so we have her church friends, a couple of her best friends from her school class, a couple of her best friends from soccer and our next door neighbor, all of whom she loves. They started out the party making colorful duct tape bracelets which they're holding up in this picture.
 Then we went outside for about 30 minutes so they could dance and do gymnastics...even though it was fun, that was about all the outdoor time we could handle...we've had 6 days straight of 100+ degrees! Here is Elisabeth doing her front or back walkover. Our neighbor Sadi who is 7 taught her how to do the front walk over. Sadi can do all sorts of cool tricks. I filmed her doing a bunch of back hand springs.
 Then we came in for home-made whole wheat and spelt cinnamon rolls(one girl said, "no offense to my mom, but these are WAY better then hers!" :) I was flattered) and ice cream.

 Then we played the cotton ball game(a Garnica family favorite) which you can watch below:

Then we opened presents and by that time the parents were starting to arrive so we played "Zoo" until everyone was gone.
 They all had a great time at the party. That night we had home-made whole wheat and spelt pizza for dinner and then we watched the movie, "Parental Guidance"'s a cute one!
 I had to take so many pictures at dinner before I got one with everyone smiling nicely...actually, now that I look at them, I don't think I got a single one with everyone smiling nicely.
 At dinner we did our birthday tradition of going around the table and everyone says one thing they love about the birthday person, Elisabeth in this case.
 It wasn't hard to come up with lots of things we love about our Elisabeth.
 Happy Birthday Elisabeth! We love you!

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