Thursday, July 25, 2013

10 Year Anniversary!!!!!!!

Ten years ago today, Scott and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the Washington D.C. temple. We have been married for a decade! That is so cool! And I feel so happy and blessed to be able to spend forever together with Scott. I have a hard time finding the right words to express what Scott means to me. Maybe it would be better to paint you a picture of our relationship through a few personal stories. How about ten short stories/examples since we're celebrating ten years of marriage.  
Story number one: About 9 1/2 years ago I was pregnant with Elisabeth and very, very sick. We lived in a 300 square foot studio apartment (it was the back of a home) that had a tiny kitchen, a tiny bathroom and one bedroom. The only doors were the front door and the door to the bathroom. Scott and I were both attending BYU and working and when we would get home I would crash on the bed and try to go to sleep and not throw up anymore (I usually did each morning and during the day sometime). Scott would make us dinner, wake me up so I would eat something, and then he would go into the bathroom, shut the door and do his homework on the seat of the toilet so he wouldn't disturb me and get me throwing up again. He did this for months.

Story number two: Every Sunday we go to church. Our family all sits together for about an hour and 15 minutes on a pew or bench while we listen to speakers and have the sacrament. Every Sunday Scott sits by my side. This may seem insignificant but you must remember that we have five young children, all of which want to be sitting by our sides or on top of us. But he holds his ground and will not let anyone sit in between us. So we usually have a baby on each lap(1-year-old Nora and three-year-old Jane), a child on each of our sides, another sitting close enough to touch while Scott and I hold hands or just sit close. Sometimes it may be easier to have kids divided in between us to keep them from bothering one another but I'm glad and flattered that Scott wants to have me by his side.


Story number three: The children like to follow me around the house and just be wherever I am. Scott and I are the same way but with each other :). When he's home from work we're always together. If there are projects to do we usually do them together rather than dividing and conquering. We just enjoy being together. And I'd like to add that he and I are very respectful of one another. We talk kindly to one another and use kind voices. And it's not that we never disagree on anything, but when we do, we talk things through in a loving and respectful way.

Story number four: Because of the stage of life we're in right now with five young kids, Scott and I don't get out on dates very often and rarely get to go to the temple together. We still go to the temple regularly, but usually alone. The one exception to this is our annual trip to do sealings at the temple on our anniversary. We love doing this. We love being there together, remembering the covenants we made with each other and with God all those years ago. We end up looking into each others eyes most of the time and smiling and people think we're newly weds :). We've had people ask us afterwards :). 

Story number five: Scott and I talk a lot. We are best friends. And because we talk a lot and spend a lot of time together we tend to think in very similar ways. Over the past year or two, I've noticed even more how much our thinking is alike. There have been so many times recently when he has said something, sometimes randomly, and I'll say to him, "I was just thinking that very thing, " or, "I was just going to say that!" I guess just as the scriptures say, we're becoming more as 'one'. And I assume every year it'll just get worse :), or better, however you look at it.

 I don't have any pictures saved on my computer from the year 2004-2008 so that's pretty lame. That was my pre-digital-camera years. So any pictures I have before 2008 I guess I'll have to scan or see if I can find an old cd lying around somewhere with the prints on them. Here are some pictures I scanned from our wedding:
Story number six: Scott works during the day and when he gets home the house is busy and loud and we're trying to get dinner on and baths done and children in bed etc. So once the kids are in bed Scott and I get to read something of a religious nature together and then we talk about it and also talk about anything.This has helped us to grow closer spiritually, mentally and emotionally. We love our nightly talk times. It's kind of our way to unwind.
Story number seven: when Scott gets home from work we're all so excited and the kids rush to the garage door to meet him and he gives them big hugs and kisses, usually picks up one of the little ones and then comes over to me (I'm usually finishing up dinner) and gives me a kiss. And the older kids say, 'ew' and 'gross' and cover their eyes and the younger ones watch and smile :). And sometimes Jane will say to Scott, "I want to kiss you on da yips (translation: the lips)" and he'll giver her a kiss on the cheek and say something like, "no, my lips are just for mommy."
Story number eight: I've gotta share one more pregnant story because he just does SO much for me and the whole family when I'm pregnant. When I was pregnant with Jane, so baby number four, I was really, really sick for awhile and was throwing up a lot and didn't have energy to do anything at all. Scott would come home after a long day at work and the house would be a disaster. Kids had tried to get food out of cabinets themselves and there would be spills and messes everywhere, toys everywhere, clothes everywhere and on top of that, there was no sign of dinner and I was laying in bed or on the couch feeling awful. Scott would just come in, set down his bag and get to work. He'd clean, he'd play with the kids, he'd make dinner and come check on me. That stage of pregnancy certainly makes me grateful that the Lord has blessed me with normally very good health and an active body, and a personality that is on top of things.  That stage of life also makes me extremely grateful for Scott and his love and care for me.
Story number nine: For many years Scott has been in callings in the church that has required him to be away from the home for more than just Sunday. Many times he would have meetings before church which meant I needed to get the kids dressed and ready so we could make it to church on time. I am grateful that he has had the opportunity to serve the Lord in various callings and I am always happy to support him. This past year I was put in a more demanding calling and Scott was the one who now needed to watch kids during my meetings and get all five fed, dressed and ready for 9am church on Sunday. He even put the girls hair in pigtails! I was and still am impressed by all he can do and all that he does do so cheerfully. I love when he brings the children into church and they all come and sit by me and he leans over with a smile and whispers, "did you notice the pigtails?" or braids or whatever. I think he knows it's impressive :), and I love it!
Story number ten:  The first time I met Scott I had just moved back to BYU to live with my old roommates from the Deseret Towers dorms though now we were living in the Elms apartments. Most of my roommates had stayed over the summer and gone to school and so they knew Scott because he had also moved into the Elms over the summer. Scott came over to our apartment and was talking to one of my roommates. I looked up and I remember seeing him standing there in the doorway. Even though I don't remember sparks flying or anything like that, he obviously left an impression if I can recall that moment we met, 11 years later. We were just acquaintances for the first few weeks because of our mutual friends. He would take me and my roommate Natalie to play soccer with him and some other people on Saturdays. He worked at Little Caesar's Pizza and would sometimes bring a pizza by on his way home(we had a lot of cute girls in my apartment so it's no surprise he would want to bring it to try and impress someone! :)). As time went by I started noticing little things about Scott that impressed me like how he would notice our garbage was full and take it out (wouldn't even ask), or if someone needed a ride somewhere he always offered to take them in his car. It was through these small acts of service and love that I realized that he was something special and this was the type of person I wanted to be with. My sister met him and thought he was just perfect for me too which definitely helped. Then when we got really serious I paid attention to the way he talked with and treated his siblings and parents. And that sealed the deal. He was so sweet and kind and loving to all of them. And he's the same way with us. I am such a lucky girl!

Pictures I scanned from the time we spent in Europe on our honeymoon

experiencing some serious jet lag after our flight to England


 On the train to Venice

 Colosseum in Rome

 And just for fun, here are some pictures of when we were dating and engaged:

 Scott was skinny and I was definitely not :).  I'm glad we've evened out over the years :).
 Do you want to know what our song was? "You're the Inspiration" by Chicago. It's kind of an oldie, in fact, they recorded it the year after I was born, but we love it.

 Below is a cake I made for Scott on his 22nd birthday. The first of many :). My roomies delivered it with me that morning and we sang "happy birthday".

Happy ten year anniversary Scott!!! You light up my life!


Angela said...

It makes me happy to hear that Scott is a good husband and father even though we knew he would be:) He had a good example in his dad.

I'm sure he would have 10 wonderful things and more to say about you. We love you so much and think you are an amazing wife and mom. Thanks for marrying our son!

Angela said...

We think he is kind of special, too....and you too, Elisa. Scott

Lori said...

So awesome! Love you guys and your little family and I wish we lived closer and could still hang out. :)