Monday, June 10, 2013

Update on Annabelle's collar break

Annabelle is doing well. I've been keeping a journal of her progress since her collar bone break a couple of weeks ago so I'll go back in time and put those details here.

 The first 24 hours, Annabelle took ibuprofen every 8 hours for the pain. The next day she had it twice a day, the next day just at night before bed and she's been off it since then. The hardest part for Annabelle was during that first week when she had to rest a lot. She wanted to play with friends and do what they were doing but she couldn't because in order for it to heal, and for her not to have minimal pain she needed to be still. If she forgot and started walking around fast or twisting and turning, then it started to really hurt her but she wanted to play so she ended up crying a lot. Such a hard thing for a 5 year old to have to deal with. But she was learning to be patient and to listen to her body which I think is a good thing. Here she, just a couple of days after her injury, laying on the couch with a couple of her barbies, a big blanket folded up behind her head so she can lay back and rest that arm/collar area while she plays. She also wore a magnetic bracelet on that arm during that week which is supposed to help some with healing and pain.

Annabelle is healing quickly. She is able to do more and more on her own every day. Monday and Tuesday(the day of and day after her injury) she needed help eating with a spoon, going to the bathroom, getting up off a couch or out of bed etc. Wednesday she figured out how to eat on her own while using a utensil and she figured out how to pull up her pants and take them down using just her left hand, though I still needed to help her on and off the toilet for a couple more days.

This is how she has been wearing her hair for the most part because it's out of her face and out of the way of the sling. We tried having her wear a braid straight back one day instead of off to the side and the hair kept getting caught in the velcro on the strap which didn't feel good.

 During the first week, we took Annabelle's arm out of the sling and swathe about three times a day to stretch it out, and we would wash her hand as well since it got pretty stinky from being wrapped up for so long. We waited 4 days before attempting a bath because it hurt too much to take her arm out. I also went and bought her 2 new shirts and a new dress that either button up or are stretchy enough to be pulled all the way up starting at the feet because it hurt too much to lift her arm up and into a sleeve.

After the first week she stopped using the swathe, and instead just used the sling which is fine. At that same time she also decided she didn't want to wear either the sling or swathe at night anymore. We went to see her doctor 8 days after the injury and she said it's just about keeping her comfortable so that even though recovery period is typically 4-6 weeks, if after 2-3 weeks she's feeling pretty good and wants to take her arm out of the sling for awhile then that's fine but to put it on again if it starts getting hard to bear the weight without the sling or if it's giving her pain. And she said no trampolines or monkey bar type things until after 6 weeks. Doc said Annabelle doesn't need another xray, that things look good and to just be aware that she will most likely have a big knot or bump in that spot for possibly a couple of years during which time the body is working at smoothing out that bone. For now I don't see much of a bump but there is a giant bruise.

Two weeks after the injury, Annabelle is using her arm a lot even though it's in the sling. Like in the picture below...she just kinda pushes the sling back and slides her arm right out for better use.

 She takes the sling off for short periods of time when we are sitting on the couch reading books or doing something else gentle like that, but after awhile I insisted she put it back on because it's a good reminder for those around her that we need to be careful with Annabelle still. And if it's out of the sling for too long it starts to hurt her as well.

Now, three weeks after her injury she pretty much doesn't wear the sling. Friday, just a few days ago, she got on her bike again and did fine with that but I've cautioned her to not go too fast and to keep both hands on the steering part. We know that Annabelle's quick recovery was granted to her by a loving Heavenly Father. She was given a priesthood blessing and there have been many people praying for Annabelle (herself included) which I know played a big part in her fast recovery as well. We are grateful to the Lord for his many blessings.

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