Friday, June 28, 2013

Soccer, Katherine and Sick Annabelle

 Elisabeth had her last soccer game a couple of weeks ago. She has been with this team for four seasons, Fall and Spring, so for a total of two years now. It has been so fun to watch them start out together as 6 year old girls, picking flowers on the game field and watching their shadow in the sun instead of chasing after the ball. And then they clump. The entire team charges after the ball, offense and defense, it really didn't matter they were there; many times the entire team on one tiny portion of the field. And now they're figuring out positions and many of the girls actually stay in their position. They started passing a lot more this year! And toward the end of this last season we even had girls pass several times just before shooting a goal! Previous to this time if they were anywhere near the goal they would take the shot even if they had 6 others girls on them, but now they're learning to share and pass :). So fun to watch them grow!
 This is Katherine. Katherine and I became best friends in elementary school and were best friends throughout elementary and junior high. She got married last year and is moving to Boston this week and so we got together for a visit. I love this dear lady and her family who became like a second family to me during those young years. She has amazing parents and 9 wonderful siblings. Love ya Kath!

A couple days after my visit with Kath Annabelle and Jane got sick, but Annabelle had it the worst. She mostly just laid around and didn't feel like eating; and she threw up once. It got all over the couch, the carpet, a blanket and then I quickly picked her up and moved her to the tile just before a lot more came out. And remember how we're showing our house? Ugh. Poor Annabelle. But she's all better now. And I took this picture because Charles came to me saying he was bored and asked what he could do that would be fun. I suggested reading a book to his sick sister who couldn't do much and he immediately got right up, grabbed a stack of books and brought them over near her and read aloud to Annabelle. He's a good brother.

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