Monday, June 3, 2013

Mother-Daugther Activity Day Luau

The 8-11 year old girls in our church can attend something called "activity days". They have a couple of female leaders who meet with them every other week and they do some sort of activity for about an hour; many of the activities are to fulfill requirements in their "faith in god' booklet which has them work on their talents, serving others, things like that. Every year the activity days leaders put on a mother-daughter activity;  I helped a little bit, but it was mostly them and Joy, the first counselor in our Primary Pres.  We did a Hawaiian themed activity and served Hawaiian haystacks and cupcakes with shredded coconut on the tops. We did the limbo, had Rachael come in and teach the girls the hula and we had all the girls fill out a 'how well do you know your mom' survey.

This is Sheryl, one of our activity day leaders and my next door neighbor (who I love!)

 Sadi and Annabelle eating their haystacks...Annabelle mostly ate salad :). Sadi is Sheryl's daughter and a good friend of my girls. Annabelle is not 8 but I brought her along with me because of her recent collarbone break injury...I didn't want her out of my sight.
I don't know if you can tell very well from the picture but Joy made these really cute cupcakes with toasted coconut on top and they're sitting in glasses with an umbrella in the top.
Sheryl made the yummy Teriyaki chicken, Kelly made the yummy rice and all the girls were given a topping assignment for the haystacks.

 Rachael taught the girls the hula.
 This was fun to watch! Some of those girls have some pretty good moves :).
 Annabelle was on day three of her collarbone-break-accident and she was good most of the time about being still and not moving around too much (though I did have to remind her several times), but at the end when I was cleaning up, some of the girls were running around playing and Annabelle joined in a couple of times. When I called her back and asked her to settle down she just broke down and cried really hard which I thought was a little uncalled for since all I did was ask her to take it easy but come to find out she was crying so hard because it was hurting a lot but she wanted to play so badly so she was just having a hard time figuring out what to do. Poor girl.

 The limbo! Elisabeth took first place! She is one flexible lady!

Many thanks to Brian and Maren, our wonderful neighbors and friends, for watching Charles, Jane and Nora so I could go to the mother-daughter activity days luau with Elisabeth and Annabelle while Scott was in Minnesota.

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