Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hilarious Video of Nora at 14 mos

Nora is an entertainer. She loves to make us laugh and when she finds something that gets a lot of laughs she will do it over and over again for our enjoyment. This is a video of Nora doing raspberries on the couch, over and over again with me and her siblings watching and laughing along with her. Since she's still pretty new to walking, we filmed her taking some steps on this video as well. It's only about a minute long. Enjoy!


Heidi Horne said...

Wait, aren't they 14 months? Or are our babes 1 month apart? I thought they were a day apart. I'm confused now lol!!! April 28...1 year. May 28, June 28...14 months? I'm losing track and I only have 2 babies.

Elisa said...

Ah! You're right! Lol! I'll have to change it to 15 mos! No, I'm definitely the one who is losing track. Whenever receptionists at a doctors office ask me who the appointment is for and what their birthdate is I'm sure they think I'm crazy when I have to go through the whole list of birthdays and try and figure out who goes with what day :)!