Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day weekend

This past Sunday was Father's Day and the Friday before Scott, Charles, and two of my cousins, Peter and David, and their sons went camping for a night.

Boy heaven! Charles absolutely LOVES camping and having boy time with dad, away from all the girls at home :). Here are Charles and Parker.

While they camped us girls went to Cafe Rio for dinner, painted nails, read books together, and played Pictureka. Once the three youngest girls were in bed Elisabeth and I watched "Arctic", a short documentary movie and then "Move Over Darling" with Doris Day; we hadn't seen either one of those before.
It was late once our movies were done and so Elisabeth and I went to bed...Elisabeth slept with me which was a special treat (for her)...and in consequence I did not sleep well. She's a mover. I got her knee in my side a couple of times. And a kick to my leg. And she rolled over and knocked in to me. Good times :).
Sunday morning we had bacon and pancakes for breakfast and then Scott opened his gifts. Elisabeth made Scott a booklet of coupons that Scott can use. It says things like, "I will fold laundry/clean a room/take you out for ice cream with my own money" etc.
I made Scott a mousepad with a few pictures of him and the kids for his work computer, printed and framed an updated picture of us for his desk, and got him a Costco sized container of mixed nuts. Charles made him a nice card.

After church we took pictures of Scott with the kids. Then we had dinner: grilled chicken, corn on the cob, and home-made chef brad macaroni and cheese and for dessert they ate brownies with ice cream (I had made a pan of brownies for my male primary teachers and knew we'd have some leftover) and a pretzel jello salad.

Jane helped Scott with the corn on the cob.

Scott is an amazing father. And husband. And just an amazing all around person.
The kids absolutely adore Scott. They love when he's home and are always excited to talk with him and tell him about their day or to play catch or pass. They miss him when he's traveling for work and they look forward to his phone conversations at night and the google 'hangouts' they do together when he's in Minnesota.
And for me, Scott is everything. He really is. He's my best friend. He's a great listening ear. He's my mentor and counselor. He's my comforter and my strength. He's the love of my life and will be through all eternity.

Happy Father's Day to all the good dads out there and especially to Scott and to our father's. We love you!!!

And a short but sweet father's day video I found online:

And one more. I love this one! :

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Angela said...

A great guy for a great girl. I'm so glad you found each other.