Monday, June 24, 2013

BYU roommates: Jessie and April

Have I ever mentioned before that I love my roommates from BYU? And adore them. They are all amazing women. They were such good friends and such good examples to me at a time when I needed good friends who made good choices to show me the way. Lovely, lovely ladies who will always have a special place in my heart!
Because we're moving to Colorado in about a month, we made a special effort to get together with my two roommates that live in Utah (there are 4 others on top of these two that live in various parts of the country: Jen, Ashley, Shayla, and Natalie). Jessie's family and mine got together for a BBQ one night at her place. Our 8 kids are pictured above and Jessie and I are below. The kids had fun playing together and we loved being able to catch up.
A couple days later April and her kids came down one morning/afternoon for a visit. I forgot to get pictures with April even though before she arrived I told myself several times, "I'm going to remember to take pictures!" I loved seeing these wonderful ladies! And it's always fun to see your old single friends as grown-up parents. They were amazing then and are amazing now. As for the other 4 roommates....ladies, we need to start doing something regularly! Maybe a girls-night-out/reunion every couple of years. What do you say?


berrymom said...

Yes, yes, yes!!! I am completely on board with this idea! I would love to help plan or whatever else needs to be done to make it happen :)

Elisa said...

Jen, Yay!I'm hoping to stop by your place when we move out there (Still don't know an exact day yet but we should know in 2 weeks) and maybe we could try and figure something out.

Nata B said...

Count me in too! I would love to see you before you move.