Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Utah "to do" list

We spoke to the children recently about things they want to do before we move and then we compiled a list, Scott and I adding a couple of things to the list.

1. Bee's baseball game
2. REAL soccer game
3. Temple Square (specifically the Children's Museum)
4. The Roof restaurant (just me and Scott because expensive)
5. Ferris Wheel at Scheels
6. BYU (take pictures of the apartment where Scott and I met and dated, pic of our first two places we lived in Provo and some of our favorite spots: creamery, Macey's, hospital Elisabeth was born)
7. Take pictures of all the places around here: home, school, church, our favorite local grocery store

Scott and I were able to cross off number four Saturday night. We got a babysitter and the two of us were able to eat at 'the roof' in temple square. It's in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on the tenth floor, actually sort of the roof, and it was previously known as Hotel Utah. It has an AMAZING view of the city. The salt lake temple is right there, and you can see the conference center, tabernacle and the capitol building. It was such a nice, peaceful evening. There was a young man playing the piano beautifully, we had a gourmet buffet and it was just so nice.  It would be a great anniversary dinner location or for your daughters first 'real date' with her dad when she turns 16. The view of the temple provides great conversation for both of those types of dates.

*Bryce Canyon was something they wanted to put on the list but we'll have to do that another year because it's a bigger and longer trip.

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Lindsay said...

So glad you got to go to the roof! Is your house on the market yet? Keep me posted when I can come grab those girls for you and let them have a long playdate over here :)