Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our first house

We put our house on the market Friday, May 17 and I want to have pictures of our house for us to look back and remember. So here we go:

The backyard. Our kids have spent countless hours out here on the swingset, playing soccer, playing catch, doing the firepit with the family, helping in the garden, playing int he sandbox, cartwheels in the grass etc.

I love our backyard and the room we have to run around and still feel like the kids are safe, all fenced in.

Having a house on the market is probably not an easy thing to do for just about anyone, and I would venture to say even more so when you have 5 pretty young kids who are usually at home and on top of that your hubby is MIA because he's already started work in another state :).

Your house has to look like no one uses it or lives in it, at all times. BUT, you know what gets me through and makes it so much more wonderful while I'm doing all the cleaning and home projects? "Conversations" on the Mormon Channel. Sheri Dew and Heidi Swinton take turns interviewing Mormons with an interesting perspective or story, and a lot of them are members of the quorum of the 12 apostles and quorum of the 70, along with their wives. They talk about growing up and life experiences and parenting and marriage and how they gained their testimony etc and I just absolutely love it and actually look forward to cleaning the kitchen or folding laundry or whatever so that I can listen to these wonderful, delightful people and learn things from their personal life experiences. I can plug in my ipod touch to my radio in the kitchen or just carry it around the house with me :). I love that I can have all this amazing information (scriptures, general conference talks, all of the media on lds channel) in the palm of my hand or tucked into my purse or pocket wherever I go! So cool!!!

We spent a couple of weeks getting the house ready before we put it on the market. Which means I got to listen to quite a few of the one-hour 'Conversations'!  During that time I decluttered the house and boxed up all sorts of things that had been stored in closets or on shelves. We put putty on many walls to fill in holes or scratches and then did lots of touch up painting. I painted our bedroom. Scott put a new door on the shed since that also should have been replaced 6 years ago. I painted the back door that was covered in dog scratch marks from the previous owner. Another project we should have done a long time ago :). Washing the windows inside and out took more time than I thought it would.
When your house is on the market you also have to be willing and able to leave your house several times a day, sometimes with very little notice, so that it can be shown. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we have people who want to see it but I'm just saying that doing this while we have babies napping or kids who need to practice piano and get homework done and eat meals, presents a challenge.And then there was that time just last week when Annabelle broke her collar bone while we were out at the park waiting for our house to be shown to some potential buyers.

Nora's room

A couple of days before the house went up, I painted our master bed room. This is the before picture (it was light blue with dark blue sponge marks all over had been that way when we moved in 5 and 1/2 years ago and even though we never really loved it, we were too lazy to change it):

 AFTER WE PAINTED THE MASTER BED. After talking with my sister and two of my good friends I decided to go with a nice neutral color:
I love it and wish we did this years ago!

master bath

Charles Room
Here are the pictures of the rooms in the basement:

This is the unfinished storage/laundry/utility room.

This is Elisabeth's room:

And Annabelle and Jane's room:

We will be so sad to see this house go. We have a lot of fond memories here and a lot of great friends in the neighborhood . Oh and I don't think I mentioned before that Madison's mom finished up her finals in the end of April so we haven't been watching her since then. It only ended up being about 4 months that we served their family and we were happy to help. And it was good timing with all this stuff going on in our lives now with job change and moving states and Annabelle's broken collar bone; we continually notice the Lord's hand in our lives, in both the small and large ways.


Angela said...

It is such a good idea to take pictures of the homes you lived in. Hopefully, you won't have as many as we do, but that was a project I sort of started a few years ago. It will be fun for your family and your posterity to look at the places you have lived.

The house looks great. I have a little trick a friend of mine taught us when we were moving from Arizona. When you get short notice that someone is coming to see your house, put clutter and things lying around the house, into dresser drawers. People will never open your dresser drawers. I mostly did this with papers, mail, etc.

Keep up the good work. Every house we prepared to sell made us look at it and say,"why don't we stay here, it looks so nice, now". We love you and keeping you in our prayers.

Elisa said...

Thanks Angela! Yeah I'm sure you became an expert mover! And funny you mention the drawers thing because last week I started stuffing my bedroom top dresser drawer with all sorts of papers and books and magazine that I'm reading so that they're not on my headboard! :) I also have been keeping an empty laundry basket handy so that just before someone comes to visit I just carry that thing around the house and pick up any odds and ends and throw them inside and stick it in my van :). Scott and I have said a couple of times too (just like you mentioned above) that the next home we live in we're taking care of projects immediately to keep it looking really nice while we live in there instead of just before we sell :).

The Horne's said...

So great, what a great great house. You've made so many memories there, they can be hard to part with. But you'll do the same in your next house. I can't wait to see what you guys find! Great to document it, and I applaud you keeping a clean house with 5 kiddos...that cannot be easy - but thankfully the weather is nice and maybe they are playing outside a lot, rather than inside.