Monday, May 27, 2013

Mother's Day

 I've been waiting to post this because I wanted to take pictures with the children and we forgot on Mother's Day and then life got busy and Scott was in Minnesota all last week but we finally got to take some pictures yesterday after church which I'll post here at the end.

We had a wonderful Mother's Day this year, as always. Scott and the kids planned and prepared all the meals, cereal for breakfast, sauted veggies and avocado in pita bread for lunch, and pasta salad and a jam tart for dessert! Scott and I both were able to talk with our moms too which is always a highlight. We sure love our moms!
During church we had some young women in our ward and some men come into Primary and teach classes for us during the last hour of church so that all the women could attend Relief Society which is a grown up church class just for women. I love being in Primary but it was fun being in Relief Society again too...though maybe a little less exciting :). In Primary we get to sing lots of upbeat songs and play games!
Here is a mother's day 'hand' Elisabeth made for me in her church class that is supposed to have some of her favorite memories with me, but in actuality it's more things she likes about me. They say, "I love how you fold all my laundry", "I love how you make dinner for us", "I love when you take me on dates", "I love how you try to make us happy", and "You use your money on us" :), I think that last one came about because my birthday was last month and I got some birthday money and I bought something for each member of the family, plus a few things for myself :).
And here is a picture Annabelle drew for me of herself and me.I love our fancy dresses and hats (or tiaras?)
Pictures of Mom and kids and one with their daddy, my wonderful husband Scott :)


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Happy Mothers day, sweet you got a picture with each of your kids!

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