Monday, May 6, 2013

Crocs and a Sunday Afternoon

 Here are another pair of the new Crocs I just purchased online :). I love them. All of them. I know have four different kinds of Crocs and they're all so comfortable, and cute, I literally wear them all day every day. I would probably sleep in them if it weren't for getting the sheets dirty :).
 We took these pictures last Sunday after church. When Nora and Jane went down for naps we had some quiet time and I usually use that time to upload pictures onto my laptop from the previous week. After I did that Elisabeth grabbed my camera and asked if she could take a picture of Scott and I. I said 'sure' and she snapped this before I was ready.
 And then I smiled and she snapped the picture and I looked at it and said, "Scott! C'mon, smile. Let's do another one." He was not cooperative.
 See what I mean.
 And again.
 Finally I told him I was not giving up until I get a normal picture with him, so he smiled nicely :).

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