Monday, May 20, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Cinco de Mayo. We served enchiladas, black beans, corn and 6 layer dip for dinner(I think that dip is more of an americanized Mexican thing because I never had it growing up and my dad is from Mexico and an excellent chef. These enchiladas, though, are just like the ones he made for us).

I don't know if I've ever made a Mexican dessert, unless you count tortillas cut into wedges and cooked with butter and cinnamon and sugar on top. Anyway, I decided, that afternoon, that it would be fun to make a Mexican dessert and after reading through multiple recipes trying to mentally assess if I had the ingredients on-hand, I settled on sopapillas. It's kind of like a donut. I made a bread dough (half whole wheat) that I cut into small squares and then fried them in coconut oil. Frying anything is not healthy but if it's a rare occasion, I think it's okay :). And I felt a teensy bit better that we used coconut oil rather than some other oil.

After we fried them we let them drip dry onto a cloth napkin since we didn't have any paper products. We then separated them into three groups: First Group- we drizzled honey on these.  Second Group- we put in a gallon ziploc bag with some powdered sugar and shook it around. Third Group- we put in a gallon ziploc bag with cinnamon and sugar and shook it around. After we ate the honey drizzled ones we liked it so much that we put some honey out on the table so people could add it to any they ate. They were really yummy. And the kids would like to make these as a tradition for cinco de mayo every year.
We also took a couple of minutes to talk about our Mexican heritage. Mostly we talked about my dad, Grandpa Garnica, and where he came from and how things were different. And we ended with Uno, since 'uno' means 'one' in spanish :). Perhaps not a real Mexican game and a bit of a stretch, but it works :).

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