Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Charles Baseball and Ants On A Log

 Charles asked to do baseball this year instead of soccer so we signed him up through a local recreation center. He got his uniform last week during a clinic and his team name is the Pirates which he thought was pretty awesome. His coach never showed up, nor did his son, and they couldn't find a working phone number so the assistant coach has taken over and I volunteered to set up snack/drink assignments etc., since that seems to be a highlight for most kids.
 It's a pretty short season, only 4 weeks long, two games a week, every Tuesday and Thursday evening. Charles had his first game this past Thursday from 715-815pm which is not the best time for our family considering most of the children go to bed around that time. And to make matters worse, Scott was out of town for work so I had to go alone with all the kids and a couple of the girls had gotten a bug and were having some funny bowel movements (Annabelle calls it, "going number three" :)! I don't know where she came up with that!) so we had to rush off to a bathroom that was about a ten minute walk away. Not ideal circumstances but Charles was so excited and had such a great time! He went up to bat three times which were the three highlights of our evening, and he was able to hit the machine pitched ball each time he went up. Way to go Char!
 And totally unrelated to baseball: the kids are off-track and one day last week they asked if they could have a stand outside to sell things. 'Sure' I said, knowing that they mostly just needed something to do and they'd finished their chores so why not. I asked what they were going to sell and Elisabeth said, "Ants on a log". Elisabeth hates ants on a log....Charles likes them, but still! I told her that was fine but just to start out with a few on a plate because whatever they didn't sell I wanted them to be able to eat so they wouldn't go to waste. So Charles and Elisabeth put some on a plate and then I noticed Elisabeth got out several pieces of paper and was busily writing something. I went over to take a look and found that not only did she write out several copies of a recipe for how to make 'ants on a log' but she also made a sign for the plate with a caution for people who have peanut allergies! I loved it and thought it was hilarious and thoughtful all at the same time.
 We live on a very quiet neighborhood and in the past when they had a sale stand they got maybe two customers, and I knew if they did get a customer it'd be the family next door and I wasn't sure that family would love the idea of 'ants on a log' so I suggested they sell something else as well. Elisabeth decided to make Cherry Chip Squares(because it's easy and she can do it on her own) and to gather some of her old things to sell, like rocks with crystals inside. She ended up not making a sale on any of the food items but she did sell a rock to the neighbor next door :), and then we threw in a cherry chip square for free....and we offered a free 'ants on a log' as well but were turned down :).

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Number three! Ha! So insightful.