Friday, April 19, 2013

Visit from Grandparents and Orchestra concert

My parents came to visit last week, just for fun. They came Wednesday through Sunday and they were able to come to Elisabeth's two orchestra concerts, her soccer game, and my birthday. It was a wonderful week!

The kids loved sitting with them on the couch snuggling, reading or just visiting. Me and my mom were able to go on walks together every day which I loved, and we usually took the younger three with us, two in the stroller and Annabelle on her bike.

Elisabeth had a school orchestra concert where they wore their red orchestra t-shirts that say "We Will Rock You". This concert was the better of the two because they played more songs, and really fun, modern songs that we all knew from the radio. My favorite song they did was "Viva la Vida". There was also a couple of duets for those stringed players who are extremely advanced and those were so fun to listen to as well, and inspiring for the other kids. The school concert was about an hour.
 We have two pianists, but both are sixth graders and will be moving up to middle school next year. The orchestra will hold auditions in August and Elisabeth is planning on trying out...which means if she makes it she'll be taking a break from cello for awhile.

Later that night was the Monster Concert which was about 30 minutes long and was combined with about 12 other elementary schools. This was a good experience for the kids to see how it sounds and how much harder it is to play with such a large group. We had the largest orchestra by far when compared to most of the schools.

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