Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Picture Dump

This post could probably be divided into 5 different shorter posts, but I'm doing it all in one because life just keeps moving and going and there is always so much more to blog about and I don't want to get super behind. So here are a bunch of seemingly random pictures and events that have been going on in our family for the past week or two:

1. Spring arrived and we had some nice weather for a few day it was up in the low 70's! The kids were out with neighbors playing kickball...I took this picture from my driveway.

 And then the next day it looked like this. Snow, and lots of it! We got several inches. It was crazy but it melted pretty fast. It warmed up again since then and we've been able to have the windows wide open and we've gone out on several walks.
2.  We were able to visit a new fire station when they had an open house. I think the coolest thing I saw was the kitchen and their pantry. The kitchen was really nice. It had a huge island in the middle, beautiful counter tops, and nice pots and pans hanging from a rack in the ceiling. I was a tad bit envious of these fire fighters kitchen for about two seconds... until I saw their bedrooms and remembered they had to live here a couple nights a week, away from their families and sometimes stay up all night fighting fires. I'm grateful we have them, but at the same time I'm grateful Scott is not one of them :). We also thought the pole they slide down was pretty awesome so we took a picture by it with our fire fighter guide.

3. I'm not a big clothing shopper. In fact I rarely shop for clothes. I'm lucky enough to have a sister who loves to shop and frequently updates her wardrobe and passes her 'old' things onto me; and she's so dang cute that her 'old' stuff if still amazing. My kids get lots of hand-me-downs as well from cousins and friends so that's another reason for not shopping. But the other day we were at Walmart getting groceries and other things and there were these racks down the middle aisle with big signs above them marking everything for $3 and $1. I checked them out and we found a few items: $1 grey sweatpants for Nora, $3 grey sweatpants for Scott, $3 robe for the older girls, $3 red skinny pants for me! I love finding a good deal!

 4. We've been on this cleaning/organizing kick for probably, oh, a year or so :). Actually, this happens after each baby. You see, when I get pregnant I get really sick and the house gets messy and chaotic and there are toys and clothes everywhere and very small children sitting on the table and counter tops eating out of boxes because Mom is lying on the bathroom floor throwing....well, you get the picture. Once the nausea passes I am a lot heavier and even though I'm able to keep things in okay order, they're still not as nice as I'd like it to be because I'm slower, don't have as much energy and things are harder to reach with my big belly. Then the baby arrives and I'm healing and then all I want to do is hold the baby because I know she's not staying this small for long, and so I do, and cleaning and order get pushed off a little bit longer. But once baby is a month or two, I usually start to get things back in order and do a lot more organizing and cleaning. Over the next few months I'm working on getting back the stamina and energy I had previous to being pregnant and I do this by doing a lot, pushing myself a lot, seeing how far I can go, and how much I can do and how fast I can get it done. I like to play little games with myself like: how much can I clean during the time it takes for the bread to rise. Or, how many dishes can I load while the food is warming in the microwave for 30 seconds. Anyway, I de-cluttered my kitchen counter tops a few weeks ago (I also organized two large shelves in the kitchen that were desperately needing to be organized), moved the basket out that holds mail and papers and so far I've been able to keep up with it. Organization and cleanliness makes me so happy so this is something that I've got to do for myself in order to maintain a certain level of peace and contentment within our home.
 5. Elisabeth's hair is getting so long! She asked me to do a waterfall braid in it recently which is a hairstyle I hadn't done on her hair for quite some time and it was so different and so much easier to do this with her hair being so much longer now.
 6. Everyday after I get up, pray, make my bed and read scriptures I make a list of things I need to accomplish that day. Sometimes I'll even make the list the night before if there are certain things I need to remember to do that day and I don't want to forget. I took a picture of one day's list:
 I make lists for the children when they are off-track and I occasionally will put up a list for Charles even when they're in school because it helps him stay focused.
 The other day when I woke up and came out to the kitchen to write down my list on my white board I found this: Elisabeth had made a list for her day. She's definitely one of mine! It looks like I'll need to get another white board because she has been monopolizing mine ever since. Or maybe I could draw a line down the center and we can share :).

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