Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nora's Duet and Streaming Photos

 When Elisabeth and Charles practice piano, many times they have a little friend who crawls over once she realizes what they're doing, and she thinks she should play the high part in a duet :). They always get a kick out of her interruption :). She plays soft enough now that they can play on without it being too much of a distraction.
 I had taken one of these pictures of Nora playing the piano on my ipod and sent it to Scott at work and so while I was browsing through the streaming photos on the computer that were on his phone, I found a few cute old ones that I hadn't ever posted on here which I thought I'd share. Here's Nora, just a few months old, snuggling with me :). So, so sweet!
And another Nora photo. This was taken a few months ago when she learned how to do raspberries with her mouth :).

 And another Nora photo from a couple of months ago. I can hear this song playing in my head: "Just to see you smile, I'd do anything, that you wanted me to..." When she was very young, just few months old, we would sing this song to her all the time to quiet her down.
 And here is Ms Jane. This is when Scott took the kids up to SLC on the train. He said she sat like this the whole time. :)

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