Monday, April 29, 2013

Nora's First Birthday!

Nora turned one on Saturday!
Here are the birthday cards her older siblings made for her:
It was a beautiful day Saturday, 75 degrees, so we filled up the water table  and the kids splashed around in it for awhile.
Nora LOVES playing in the water!

Later that night we went to dinner at Cafe Rio, which is a mommy family favorite (Nora loves the beans, rice and quesadillas), and then we came back home for cake. I made a home-made vanilla cake using half whole white wheat flour. It was very tasty.
When we brought the cake over, Nora stuck her thumb in her mouth; perhaps the flame was a concern.  
As we sang "happy birthday" Nora slid her thumb over to the side of her mouth and sang along with us...not with words of course but just with a tune of her own :)!
I put a little taste of the frosting in her mouth and then we put the plate in front of her and let her go at it.
She liked it.
She ate almost the whole thing, minus the few bites she threw across the room :), she does that when she's done.
We forgot to do her presents that night (can you tell we have five kids? :)) so we did them Sunday morning instead; and Scott was at a meeting at church and Elisabeth was in bed sick so it was just me and the younger kids but it was all good. We wanted her to open them up before church because we gifted her a new snack cracker package and a couple of new snack cups that we thought she'd like to have during church. I know, we're fancy gift givers :). She also got a few pairs of pants from Granny; most of Nora's other pants have holes in the knees since they've gone through 3 other crawling girls.
Happy Birthday Nora! We sure love you!

*As a side note, she's not walking alone yet but she will walk along the furniture and she just started being able to stand all alone for a few seconds. I'm sure she'll be walking in no time.

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