Monday, April 1, 2013

Nora at 11 months

 Look at this baby! She is getting so big! She is now standing up to and walking along furniture! No! Do you ever wish you could freeze time? Well, I wish I could now. I absolutely LOVE being the mom to all my kids at all their different ages and stages and soon I won't have a baby anymore and that will be really sad for me. I love seeing the wonder in her eyes on a regular basis because everything is so intriguing in her world.
 Whenever I'm in the kitchen cooking or cleaning, I always pull out this bottom drawer that's filled with kids plates, bowls and cups so she can disorganize it and throw things wherever she wants. She loves this and I love seeing her so happy in her little world.
 Nora has recently discovered the wonderfulness of peanut butter smoothies. I've gotta make a bigger batch now because she drinks a lot which doesn't leave much for my lunch!

 And here she is eating some cheerios while holding onto her cloth piece that makes her feel cozy and loved :).

 She's eating all sorts of fun foods now. Her favorite is still oatmeal with coconut milk, flaxseeds and pure maple syrup, but here she is enjoying some lasagna and garlic bread. I'll bring her in to the doctor in about a week when I take the girls in for their well-checks to see if she's gaining weight. With how much she's been eating I would imagine she's gained some, but ya never know. We've also just barely stopped nursing...not really my choice but with how many more solid foods we're giving her we haven't been nursing as much and I lost my milk supply. I was hoping to at least get her to a year, but this was pretty close so I guess it'll have to do.

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