Monday, April 22, 2013

My 30th Birthday!

I turned 30 last week! 30! This means that I've been lucky enough to have celebrated 10 birthdays with Scott and that our 10 year anniversary is coming right up! My 20's were good, no, they were great! I was blessed with a loving husband, 5 wonderful children, a good home that fit our growing family comfortably, lots of visits with family in NC and WA, camping, vacations, many callings in the church including but not limited to nursery teacher, choir director (totally unqualified but the Lord qualified me; and I asked the choir members lots of questions and learned a lot:)), primary age 10 teacher, music chorister for Relief Society, Relief Society week night meeting leader/chair, relief society committee member and newsletter coordinator, and now Primary President. This was a decade of huge growth for me in so many areas of my life (family size, spirituality, capabilities etc) and I am so excited to see what the next decade holds and what the Lord has in store for our family!

We had an ice cream cake for dessert. We used Cold Stone ice cream to make it because I have an all-time favorite flavor I wanted in there(cake batter); if I'm going to give in and have a treat, I want it to be something I really love. Here's a quick video of the family singing, Happy Birthday,  to 'yours truly' :).

I was also lucky enough to have my mom and dad here to celebrate my birthday with us! I LOVED having them here!

My one birthday request to Scott was that we get drapes for the living room(we had old, some broken, wood blinds) and that he put them up on Saturday the 13th, my birthday. Well, I made the mistake of waiting until the week of to start looking at drapes online and then an even bigger mistake of not shopping for them until the day my wonderful mom went out shopping for drapes with me on Friday for 5 hours! We didn't get home until around 1130pm Friday night so I was a bit tired for Zumba the next morning but I love my new drapes!
Pictured are the new drapes if you didn't figure that out. There is a double rod with sheer drapes in the back and ivory and taupe, fleece lined drapes in the front. Scott also got me another journal since mine's only got a few blank pages remaining, my sister sent me a package with a couple of my favorite things (natural licorice :)) and our parents sent some money so I could go shopping...and I have :). Thanks family!

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The Horne's said...

Happy Birthday Elisa! I love that your dad clapped after singing! :-D Hope your 30's bring more amazing things...although you accomplished quite a bit in your 20s ;-)