Monday, April 8, 2013


 Easter has come and gone and I haven't had a chance to blog about it until now, even though we're a week late. A couple weeks before Easter I put up our 3 Easter decorations :): The Easter banner that hangs in our kitchen, The 'Easter, He Is Risen' plate, and the spiritual Easter eggs in a basket that we kept on our piano. And the spiritual Easter eggs aren't technically an Easter decoration...they are more part of our family scripture study for the 12 days leading up to Easter. If you want to make your own spiritual eggs or are just curious as to what goes inside of them you can click on the 'spiritual Easter eggs' link above.
 Saturday morning we went to our local grocery stores Easter egg hunt which is something we've done the past 4 years. It's at 8am which meant I was going to have to miss Zumba, so I decided to jog there instead of drive and Elisabeth and Charles rode their bikes along with me. See me and my fancy work out clothes below :). Nora was a little concerned being so close that the large and furry bunny.

 Can you find Annabelle on the aisle?
 Sunday morning the kids woke up and did our traditional scavenger hunt to find their Easter baskets. We've used these same pastel-colored, laminated, paper Easter eggs for years, and we write a clue on the backside of each one (I think there's ten?).

 Here's a couple of our hiding places this year: piano and on the side of a blog book.
 And the last egg led them to the bathtub which is where the baskets were hiding.
 We always put something religious in their baskets and this year Scott found rubber CTR (stand for Choose The Right) rings in all different colors at Deseret Book for 99 cents so each child got one in an egg. Jane and Annabelle's rings are too big so we hung them on string so they can wear it as a necklace until they grow into them.We also got the seminary Book of Mormon dvd which has tons of short videos on there explaining different principles of doctrine. Scott and I have watched a lot of it with the kids and we all really like it. Charles favorite segment is Boyd K. Packer's talk put to video about crocodiles and traps of enticement. Fascinating! By the way, Charles has recently asked me, twice, to only call him Charles. No more Char or least not for now :).

 We eat a lot of whole foods around here and not much sugar so the kids mostly got snacks that were still pretty healthy but which I don't usually buy like pistachios, 100% juice capri suns, organic natural animal crackers, green pea snap crisps, natural cheeto puffs(not sure how natural they really were though), fruit leather, they each got a couple of quarters and the older kids got bed time passes which they had previously (and repeatedly) requested. They each got 2 chocolate peanut butter eggs but only because that's Scott's favorite and he wanted some so I got a bag and split it amongst them all.

 Elisabeth and Charles already have big plans to use their bed time passes when they go off-track in a couple of weeks. We'll see if they can hold off that long.
 We had chicken pot pie for dinner.

And here is Jane with her new neon sandals that she bought with her birthday money from her grandparents, and below is a very short clip of Jane doing an impersonation from an Easter movie we recently saw (and wouldn't recommend).

And one more Jane clip for good measure. Do you know what book she's reading?

Happy Easter! Jesus lives and loves us all, and we love Him too!


The Horne's said...

"what color cupcakes do you want?"
"Pink," I said. "Pink, pink, pink!!"
Is she reading Pinkalicious?! Brooklyn loves this book!
Love your easter baskets. We call them Celebration Baskets. That we celebrate that Jesus has risen and that our King is alive! Brooklyn loved it. :-D

Elisa said...

Celebration baskets, great idea Heidi!

Elisa said...

And yes, Pinkalicious!