Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Annabelle's Pictures and Savers

 Annabelle likes to draw me lots of pictures. And she doesn't like me to throw any of them away. All my kids have gone through this stage. So my compromise is to take pictures of them and I put some of those pictures on my blog. I like the one above she drew of her and I, in dresses with puff sleeves and tiaras. And she drew green grass and blue sky. So sweet. Below she drew some colorful flowers and the sky and then she wrote her name off to the lower right side.

 Changing subjects, have I ever mentioned before that Charles is rough on his clothes and shoes? Well he is. Take these tennis shoes for example. We bought him these tennis shoes maybe three months ago and they are now completely falling apart with huge holes in the front of both shoes and the bottom totally falling off. I was a little irritated because I already feel like I'm constantly buying shoes what with five children whose feet are always growing and they're needing different types of shoes for different seasons and sports. I had a talk with Charles about treating our things with a little more care so they'll last longer and then I told him when I went to drop off a couple of bags of clothes to Savers, I'd look and see if they had any more tennis shoes his size.

 When I dropped off our old stuff, they gave me a 30% off your total coupon and I had my birthday cash with me so me and the little girls went inside and first headed for the shoe section. We got Charles three pairs of tennis shoes in three different sizes so he should be covered for awhile; and we got each pair for about $3 and they were in really good condition. Here is the pair that fit right now. The others will probably fit in a couple of months.

 Then I let the girls each pick something out. Annabelle got a pair of brown flats with flowers on them and Jane picked out a pair of ladybug rain boots. That girl LOVES her boots! Which reminds me of a song from Dora (we checked out the Dora cd from the library and we listened to this song a lot so I have it memorized :)), "I love my boots, my boots and me, they help me swing from tree to tree. I feel so happy with them on my feet, we're best friends yeah my boots and me. I love my boots yeah my boots and me!"

We found Elisabeth a skirt since she's in need of more church clothes and I got myself the shirt I'm wearing below, a twisty scarf, BYU pajama pants and 2 cute purses :). And for those 5 pair of shoes and all those other clothes/purses etc we spent a whopping $35! Nice! In the pictures below I'm also wearing my new Crocs that I got for my birthday(thanks Mom and Dad!). They are amazingly comfortable and they're not nearly as big and ugly bulky as the original ones and I love them. Seriously I wear them all day and could walk miles in them.  In fact, I love them so much that I went online with my amazon gift card (thanks Grandma and Grandpa Smith!) and bought myself two more pair...different styles and colors, but still, they're Crocs. I'm sure I'll post a picture once I get them :). I also got the book, "To the Rescue" the biography of Prophet Thomas S. Monson with some birthday money which I have been wanting to read for a long time. Yay for birthdays! And I love that I can go shopping in my home, online, once the kids are all in bed. Doesn't get much easier than that.


MarieC said...

Those are THE CUTEST CROCS ever! And, Charles is not atypical by any stretch of the imagination when it comes to being hard on clothes and shoes. I always had to buy Jason new pants because he never got any handed down from Eldon. He got lots of SHORTS handed down from Eldon, because we'd cut off his pants legs every time he wore through the knees!

Elisa said...

Marie, I know exactly what you mean! I'm pretty sure Charles has 10 pair of cut off levis and about 2 pair of long jeans left :).