Monday, April 15, 2013

5 and 3 year stats

Annabelle and Jane had their well-child check-ups this week. Here are their stats:

Annabelle's 5 year stats:
Weight: 39.46 lbs (44%)
Height: 42.32 in (40%)
BMI: 15.5 (60%)

Everything looked good for Annabelle. She has 20/20 vision, good blood pressure and is all around a very healthy, happy little girl who we adore! She got one shot (2 vaccines) which got her all caught up and ready to start kindergarten in the Fall. Her leg was sore all day and the day after from that one shot. Oh, and apparently I had forgotten to bring her in for her 4 year check-up and she didn't have any sick visits last year so her last appointment to see our Doctor was two years ago! Nice! :) Way to be healthy Miss Annabelle! She prays for good health every night in her personal prayers so we know the Lord's hand is in that as well.

Jane's 3 year stats:
Weight: 28.44 lbs (25%)
Height: 35.04 in (9%)
BMI: 16.3 (67%)

Everything looked good for Jane too. Great vision, blood pressure, everything. And she didn't have to get any shots! For Miss Jane the only thing we need to work on is her articulation of words, which I will do, though part of that will just come with time. She has a particularly hard time pronouncing her 'R's and her 'L's. The doctor asked Jane to sing her her favorite song so she could hear the way Jane spoke,  and so Jane busted out with a song from Princess and the Popstar! She sang, "Here I am, bein' who I want, givin' what I got, never a doubt now!" :) LOL! It was hilarious! Love that girl! Also, we just started being able to put pigtails in her...about time! :)

They also did a weight check on Nora since she had lost a few ounces between her 6 and 9 month appointments. I was so happy when I read the numbers on the digital scale and saw that she gained a pound and 4 ounces since that last appointment 8 weeks ago! Good job Nora! Keep it up! We are so blessed to have 5 healthy and happy children. The Lord is good, as always. 

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