Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Piano Videos of Lis and Char

Elisabeth has been playing piano for over 2 years now and she has come so far! She can play so many songs and is doing really well at sight reading. She can sight read any of the songs from the Children's Songbook (church music for children).

Here is a short video of Elisabeth playing, "I Am A Child of God"

And here is Elisabeth playing another piece. She's always so serious when I record her and never smiles even when I'm done, but I caught a smile at the end of this one so I wanted to post it!

Our goal for the children is to have them be able to open the hymnbook and play any song without too many mistakes so they can be of service to the church in the future. And this way, when they are old enough to serve missions, if they're called somewhere where pianists are scarce, they'll be able to bless the churches in those areas as well. These goals are good motivators for the children to keep practicing.

 Charles has been playing for about a year and he has come so far as well! Here is a song that he loves called Indian Dance.

And another video of Char playing a song he's working on now....we usually do it with the metronome to help him with his timing. He didn't want to use it for the video but you'll notice how he'll occasionally keep time with his head or body :).

Annabelle will be our next pianist. We allow the kids to start lessons when they turn 6 and she is SO excited for her next birthday so she can learn to play the piano. We have a rule that if the kids want to play a sport they have to be taking private music lessons as well....which is another good motivator to practice :). Since we own a piano, that's what we're having them start with. We have them do piano for several reasons: service in church, reading music is like learning another language and is good for your brain, and it teaches kids so many good lessons in things like 'responsibility', 'work before play', 'practice makes permanent' or at the very least 'practice improves', 'persistence', 'diligence', 'work pays off', 'sharing talents' and the list really does go on and on.


Vanessa said...

these videos are precious. It reminds me of when I was a kid, my mom was video-taping me singing I am a Child of God. When I was done singing and she was still recording, I said, "now let's watch it." That has become a family joke, but is so special because it captured me at that time.

Elisa said...

Vanessa, that is too funny! I think we have Elisabeth on camera saying that too. :)