Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Knight of Multiplication Tables

 Last week we got a paper home from school saying that Elisabeth would be knighted on a particular day that week for slaying the multiplication tables and that our family was invited to attend the ceremony. All of the third grade classes would be there to show-off something they'd been working on, but there were only a few other children in the third grade that were knighted and only the parents of the knights were invited to attend. This was a big deal to Elisabeth, so I promised I would come. Then the day came and before we went to the school I thought I'd run a couple of errands. Well, it turns out I tried to cram too much into my schedule. Also, the line at the grocery store was unusually long AND the person in front of me had the cashier call in a question and also write her out a rain check for something. I was unusually short and impatient because of this. I mean, I don't think it showed on the outside, well except maybe for my very short response to the cashier when she asked me how my weekend had been, "fine," was my reply, and I don't think I even smiled which is very unusual for me.  But inside my stomach was twisting and turning and I couldn't think straight. My only thoughts at that time were, "maybe I should just take the girls, leave my full cart here and we'll come back later and get it" and "No, it's too late. Elisabeth is going to be so disappointed." Anyway, I missed Elisabeth being knighted as she knelt and the secretary of the school, who dressed up as a queen, touched both her shoulders with a fake sword. I felt terrible. But, I did get there in time to watch all the third grade classes show off something they had been working on. Elisabeth's class had all drawn pictures and then recited a poem aloud and all together which is in the picture above of her class.
 Here she is with her award and then afterward they took a picture of each of the third grade children who were knighted (4, I think?) in this knight costume. And just for the record, she did note my absence and once she was home from school she somberly asked me why I had missed it. I gave her my sincerest apologies, but I guess you live and learn. Next time there is something big and important (to my kids), I won't try and squeeze in too many things before hand. Love you Lis!

And here's just a fun, random picture of Elisabeth...she wanted me to take one of a toothpick in her mouth :).

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