Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jane is 3!

 Tuesday was Jane's third birthday, though we celebrated it on Monday because Tuesday evening we had soccer practice, pack meeting for scouts and I had another meeting afterward. Scott and I put up our Birthday banner Sunday evening after the kids had gone to bed and got her gifts out for her to open Monday morning.
 Elisabeth got Jane some chalk for the chalk board that's in Jane's room, and a new pack of crayons that Jane can put in her scripture bag for church.
 Jane got several things in the mail from family which was very exciting. She would watch for the mailman and check it several times a day.

 Here she is wearing her new Birthday dress and singing in her new microphone. She sang with that microphone ALL day :).

 She made a special request for her birthday cake: pink or purple sparkly flowers. So I did a purple cake with pink sparkly flowers (This frosting was all left over from Annabelle's rockstar cake last month so I didn't have to make any new frosting! Score!)

 I'm jumping ahead of myself. Before cake we had dinner and she requested pizza so I made our spelt and whole wheat pizza and we had salad and Izze drinks.
 Since Jane is three and likes to do everything by herself, she insisted on putting the candles in the cake.
 And she did a pretty good job.
 Can you tell she's just loving this! Soaking up all the special birthday fun!

 But that one candle was a little far away so she had to get up to blow it out once the other two were out.

 Scott brought Jane the pretty balloon that's on her chair.
 And the night before was Jane's first night sleeping in panties and being dry and she's done it every night since, so here is Jane throwing away her night-time diapers. Happy Birthday to us! Way to go Jane!

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