Wednesday, March 13, 2013


 My sister Becca flew out from Washington for a quick weekend visit last week. We were so happy to have her here with us! Even though she was only here for two nights, we got a lot of things in and spent a lot of quality time together. The three youngest girls and I picked her up from the airport Friday afternoon and we went straight to temple square. We stopped at the visitors center so she could see the temple model display and then we walked around the church art museum and let the girls play in children's area for a bit. Becca is gluten free and vegan right now and so I took her to City Cakes which is about 5 minutes away from temple square and we got lunch to go: black bean burger and a tempeh chikin salad sandwich. And the girls each got got gluten free, vegan sugar cookies and I got a Sandie cookie (shortbread pecan type). We ate lunch in the car on our way to pick up Elisabeth and Charles from piano lessons.

 When we got home we walked (the kids biked) to the school and let the kids play on the playground for awhile. We came home and made Indian food for dinner; we made brown basmati rice with lots of yummy spices and a Masaman curry with lots of veggies. And my family had Naan bread. Sorry we all ate that delicious bread in front of you Bec :)! I'll need to see if I can come up with a gluten-free Naan recipe someday.

 Saturday morning Becca, Elisabeth, Maren and I went to Zumba. Later that day Charles had a birthday party at a skate deck so Elisabeth and Scott took him to that and than ran a few errands together and ate lunch at Costco while the rest of us went to Cafe Rio and also ran a couple of errands. That night Becca and I went to stake conference together and afterward the three adults watched The Amazing Spiderman. It was okay. My favorite super hero movies are Captain American and Thor. Why? Because to me, they're what a true hero should be: honest, virtuous, and moral. Some of those other super heros are so not good role models.

 Sunday morning was stake conference for the family so we went to that, then we went for a walk and made fajitas for dinner. Thanks for coming Sis! I love you!

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