Monday, March 25, 2013

Angels Among Us

Today we went to church early, as is our routine, to get the Primary room all ready (set up chairs, posters out etc). We usually have a few other people come to help which is nice. I had stepped out of the room to take care of something and came back to find a crying Jane in Scott's arms as another adult passed me and apologized. I learned from Scott that he had been swinging her by her hands (they were having a good time and laughing and this was a total accident) and when he set her down she started to cry. I tried to see if Jane would come to me but she would not.We tried to have her move her arm but she would not. She wouldn't even reach out for a sucker that I had pulled out of the closet. It didn't take us long to recognize she had dislocated her elbow or in other words, 'a nursemaids elbow'. This is now the third dislocation in our family: 1st, Annabelle when she was about 2 years old because I had picked her up by her hands, 2nd Scott a couple of months ago while playing basketball and now Jane. Fortunately for us there are a few nurses in our ward and I found one, Julia, who knew how to fix it--our first dislocation that didn't require a hospital visit! Julia was sitting in the chapel (thank goodness she was there early!) and I went in and quietly told her what had happened and asked if she could help. She followed me back into the Primary room where Jane sat unmoving, did a quick assessment and then in one quick motion popped it back into place. Jane stopped crying and reached out for her sucker. I was so overcome with feelings of gratitude and happiness for this lovely woman who just took away all this pain from our little girl that I cried and gave her a huge hug. She was literally our angel that day who swooped in and saved the day :). Here is Jane, happy as can be with a lovely blue mouth from her very blue sucker :).

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