Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine's Day

Here are pictures from our Valentine's Day. Scott and I wrote our traditional love letters to each other and to each of the children and some of the kids wrote/drew valentine's for us as well(they also made these construction paper envelopes to hold their family valentine's)

We ate our traditional pink pancakes for breakfast...we didn't have enough time (or energy :)) to do the heart shaped ones this time around. Maybe next year :).

And the traditional heart shaped pizzas for dinner. I made the whole wheat and spelt pizza dough that is my families favorite. It was actually pretty easy to roll out into the heart shape. We made one cheese and one pepperoni.

 And we had Izze drinks.

 This is a love-message-in-a-bottle that I put together for Scott. Elder Scott's talk about the hole punched notes he gave his wife and a picture I saw on pinterest of recees peanut butter cups with words written on the bottom was my inspiration.

 I numbered and wrote a word on each pb cup. He tried to see how fast he could get them in order to read his love message :).
We don't usually do gifts but Scott got me some foot spa items and an outlet candle warmer (I bought one last year and the literal day I bought it, it broke when one of our children tried to unplug it themselves with a little too much force in the wrong direction.). Thanks Honey!


The Horne's said...

Love all your cute ideas. Also, been meaning to ask - where do you keep your love letters written. Do you put them in a book to all the kids? or do the kids just get to do what they want with them?

Elisa said...

Heidi, I keep all the original valentine's that Scott and I make for the kids in a photo box (or shoe box) under my bed. We always make sure to date them with the year. If the kids want a copy of theirs to keep in their rooms then we photo copy them. And I have made several copies in the past. Once they get older (17 maybe? senior in high school?) I will put them all together for that child in a binder/scrapbook or maybe at that point in time if everything is digital I'll just take pictures of all of our notes and make them into a book. That's the plan anyway!