Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nora is 9 months

This little girl is so much fun! She loves looking in the mirror and giving herself kisses on the glass, or on her reflection in our fridge! I took a short video of her doing it the other day.

Nora is a really good sleeper. She takes a couple of naps during the day (about 3 hours of naps total) and then she'll go down for bed around 8pm and sleep until about 730am. In the picture below she fell asleep on Elisabeth while we were meeting to do our family song, scripture and prayer just before bed.
Nora is all over the place! She crawls everywhere! The other day she was playing nicely in her room with some toys so I hopped out to cut up some veggies for dinner and I left the door open so I could hear her.  When I popped back in to check on her she wasn't there! All the doors were open to the rooms upstairs so I quickly went into each room: No Nora in the bathroom, no Nora in my bedroom or bathroom, and finally I found her in Charlie's very dark room (he had his night shades drawn) playing with a couple of his soldier guys.
I am so grateful we got this gate up, and at the perfect time.
If Nora hears the kids playing downstairs, she tries to go get them, like in this picture below where she's sticking her arm through the crack at the bottom.

Nora has had a cold for a couple of weeks and when I took her into her wellness check appointment yesterday the doctor had some not so good news for us. Not only did Nora go down in weight by a few ounces from her 6 month appointment  (she's been nursing a lot less and she's been sick, which doesn't help) but she also had ear infections in both ears, one medium-ish and one pretty bad one, and she has bronchiolitis (most likely caused from RSV) which the doctor could hear in her chest...she has mucus in her lungs. So the nurses did an oxygen check which came up really low( normal is 100%, when people get sick and they're breathing is restricted it can get down to about 90% and Nora's was at 83%; and they triple checked that number) and they wondered why she wasn't turning blue. They quickly got a catheter that they put through her nose and suctioned out a bunch of this thick mucus that was stuck inside. They checked her oxygen levels again and it was instantly up to 99%! Amazing! I was so happy we went in for her wellness check. The Doc told us that if she starts sounding wheezy again, we're to take her into a walk-in clinic and give a prescription paper she made for us, to the nurse and they'll suction her out again. Doc knows I don't like antibiotics but she advised that I get them for her this time because she has so many issues going on right now that she wants it cleared up fast. So we'll do the amoxicillan, and I'll continue with the humidifier and the raised bed crib mattress. I'll need to be more diligent about suctioning out her nose with the bulb, and I need to watch her eating more closely. Doc suggested adding coconut milk and ground flax to Nora's oatmeal (her favorite food right now) which I will do today. She also gave me a list of all different foods that would be good to add calories: avocados, cheese, eggs, hummus, beans, peanut butter, butter, Greek yogurt etc. All of those things we eat pretty regularly so it shouldn't be too hard, I just need to be more aware of how much she's eating and make sure she's gets more of that coconut milk in since she's not getting much breast milk anymore.

Here are Nora's 9 month (and a half) stats:
weight:  15.21 lbs - 2%
height: 26.97 in - 22%

No shots for Nora this time around, which was a blessing with all the other things that we had to do today; still plenty of crying though. Being held down to have your nose suctioned with a catheter is probably worse than getting poked with a needle. 

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kelley said...

Poor baby! I hope she gets better quickly. I hate sick babies! I just started Holden on amoxicillin even though I don't like antibiotics. Sometimes it seems worth it to help the sick little babies.