Monday, February 25, 2013


 About month and a half ago I was asked to be the Primary president for our ward (working with children and teachers in church). All the learning that I've had to do has taken quite a bit of time; there have been lots of phone calls and meetings etc and the kids and Scott have been amazingly supportive. Here's a note Charlie gave to me, to give to Nora: It says, "Dear Nora, I will woch (watch) you wen (when) mom neas (needs) me to woch you. xoxo From Charles. He loves to watch Nora and will often take her from me (though I still have a hard time sharing) and get her toys out and play with her in her room. Thanks Charles!

 My cousin Rachel gave Charles a few Kids National Geographic magazines for Christmas this past year. He loves them! Which shouldn't have come as a surprise considering he loves learning facts, animals, nature and all things scientific.  So now whenever I go to the library, I always stop by the section where they are selling off old material for a quarter and if they have some I buy them for Char. Isn't this crystal cave amazing? Scott and I used to watch Smallville during the beginning seasons and Clark Kent had a fortress that looked like this.

The kids have also discovered and love Bill Nye the science guy. I've gotta admit that I really like him too. He is so entertaining and the stuff you learn in those movies is so interesting! Our library has a good selection to choose from. I love the library!

I loved reading our 8 year old Elisabeth's "I have a dream..."  class assignment. Here are some of the things she wrote for her 'dream for the world': No garbage on the ground, no killing animals. No bad guys. Nobody is poor. Everybody is friendly and kind and school is only 3 hours. :). I think she's got her priorities in order.
This is Nora's favorite spot in the house: in the living room with the books. Here's a before and after shot: before Nora unloads the books and after. She does this within a matter of seconds. I stack and re-stack those books at least 5 times a day. She's gonna be a smart girl with her love of books at such a young age!

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