Monday, February 11, 2013

Free Time

 The kids go back to school today. I really do love having them home with me. We didn't do anything extraordinary during their three week break...mostly we just hung around the house, cleaned, cooked, did chores and crafts, practiced instruments, etc. It snowed a couple of times which was fun. The kids built snow men and snow forts!
 We made some Valentine's and brought them to our at the nursing home. They made a few personalized ones for Heber, Don, Lorraine and Dorothy plus a few extra to hand out to anyone who seemed like them might like to have one.They absolutely love going there. I love watching the elderly with our little kids because they are just so sweet and they light up when they see them. It is very dear. We also made some things for Annabelle's birthday party which is coming up this weekend. We made her invitations and delivered them, and we also put together some things for her party gift bags. She's going to be having a 'Princess and the Popstar' birthday party because she's obsessed with those dolls and that movie right now (it's a barbie movie and not my favorite but it's her favorite for the moment :)). I am SO excited for her party! I can't wait til Saturday! I'll be taking lots of pictures so be sure to check back!
 Our neighbor and good friend recently had a baby so we brought her a frozen dinner plus some cookies that spelled out the babies name :).
 And since we were making cookies, we brought over a couple of plates to different neighbors who've helped shovel our drive since Scott couldn't do it with his arm and I just hadn't gotten to it because we were busy inside :).

So I guess now we're back to our normal school-life schedule. I go into Charlie's class every other Monday and Elisabeth's class every other Thursday which means I get to go in today. I love being involved with the kids school and life in general and I'm grateful I get to go in and volunteer and that Julie and I can switch off watching each others kids so we each get a chance to do this.

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