Monday, February 4, 2013

Daily Schedule

For record keeping sake, here is a look into a typical week at our house: 
6:00 roll out of bed, pray, put exercise clothes on
6:10-7:00 exercise (circuit training or dvd or elliptical; if it's warm I'll jog outside)
7:00-8:15 make and drink green smoothie, get kids up and going, supervise as they get dressed, clean room, make beds, unload dishwasher, practice piano/cello, help with lunches and kids breakfast, nurse Nora, if it's Mon or Wed Liz needs to be to orchestra by 730
8:15-8:35 pick up neighbor kids and drop them off at school with Liz and Char
8:35-9:00 clean up kitchen- load dishes, wipe down surfaces, put things away that people have put on counter, sweep floor, mop if dirty
9:00 if MWF, Madison arrives at this time(a 5-year-old girl whose mom is in school and needs help b/c she's single). The girls have free time and usually dress up or play with barbies while I do some more around-the-house-pick-up and another chore (vary on different days: a couple times a week it's laundry, other days it's dust and vacuum, or clean toilets and mirrors, or scrub tubs and showers, or shovel snow off the driveway or declutter and organize a closet or shelf etc). I try and get dressed and ready now. If I don't have time now I'll quickly do it while they're eating their snack. I shower Tue, Thur and Sat mornings.
10:00-10:15 snack time; we'll usually have things like apples and peanut butter, carrots, yogurt, granola, banana or something easy like that
10:15-12 if it's Tue or Th when Madison is not here, this is usually when I will run errands or have appointments made with doctors, dentists or visiting teaching. If it's MWF, the girls play again while I clean some more and if all my cleaning gets done before 12 then I'll see if something needs to be prepped for dinner (usually does) and do that and if I still have some time I'll check my email. Nurse Nora
12:00-12:30 lunch. Usually PB and J sandwiches or oatmeal.
12:30-2:30 quiet time. This means Jane and Nora are sleeping and Annabelle and Madison can color, look at books or do puzzles. We do school time for about 20 minutes. I spend part of this time finishing up dinner prep and then I'll either read or blog, send email responses or do things for my calling at church
2:30-3:00 if MWF we make sure Madison gets dressed back into her clothes and her bag is all packed because her mom comes to get her some time within this half hour.
3:00-3:45 The kids get out of school at 325 and usually my neighbor brings them home so until they get here I usually do another run through the house, make sure things are picked up, prep a snack and then we read books or just relax and visit until they arrive. 
3:45-4:10 snack. I try and have snack all ready made up because the kids are starving when they get home and it's better if they don't have any time to talk or wait around for their food because they are easily set off when they're hungry and I'd rather be prepared than have to deal with the emotional part
4:10-6:00 homework, piano, cello time. I'm usually in the kitchen from 345 until after dinner(we finish dinner around 6:45pm). I help with homework, I finish getting ready for dinner, the kids help set the table, we usually have to unload the dishwasher again and load it back up again (we run it twice a day), and when Charlie is on the piano I'll usually walk out into the living room and sit with him on the bench because he does better when I do...he's less distracted if I'm right there with him.
6:00 Scott arrives!!! We are all always SO excited to have him home! The kids have set the table and dinner is ready so as soon as Scott has a chance to set down his bag in our room, we eat.
6:45-7:15 dinner clean up, everyone clears the table and loads their dishes, we wipe down the table, sweep, clear papers and things off the counter
7:15-7:45 everyone gets pajamas on and then we meet back in the living room where we sing a couple of songs about Christ, we read scriptures and kneel together in prayer. If it's Tue or Th the kids bathe
7:45-8:30 or 9:00 kids brush teeth and climb in bed. Scott and I divide and conquer. I nurse Nora and then one takes the kids who sleep upstairs (Nora and Char) and the other takes the three girls downstairs. We read stories with them, say prayers, scratch backs, talk, that sort of thing. The younger girls go to sleep right after, but Charles and Elisabeth sometimes stay up to read alone until 830 or 9.
9:00-10:00 or 10:30 read, blog, visit. Once or twice a week Scott and I will do something together like play a game or watch a movie or just talk longer. If it's been a really exhausting day (all days are tiring but the exhausting ones are usually the emotionally draining ones when maybe several children really required more of my time and patience than usual or something like that) we'll skip some of the reading/blogging time and just go straight back to our room and do scriptures and sleep
10:00 or 10:30 read scriptures, talk, write in journal, pray
10:30 or 11:00 sleep

Friday the kids have early out and have piano from 145-245 but other than that the schedule stays pretty much the same. And sometimes Scott can get home an hour earlier on Friday.

Saturday and Sunday are different. Saturday I go to zumba at 715 at a local church building. when I get home we eat and clean and then later run errands and the kids can play with neighbors after they've cleaned their bathrooms and their rooms are ready. Either Fri or Sat night we'll have a family game/movie night where we'll do one or the other and make popcorn. Sat night we get all our church clothes out and our scripture bags packed and everyone showers. Scott and I also put together the dry ingredients for breakfast so that we can still have either pancakes or waffles Sunday morning even though church is early. Sunday we have church from 9-12. Scott or I have meetings an hour before church most Sundays so the other one of us is busy getting everyone ready. After church we eat, the little girls nap and we hang out at home and write letters, call family, sometimes skype, sometimes play a church game or movie etc

And a quick update on Scott. Here's Scott and his injured arm...a picture I took a week ago. He had an appointment with the doctor Thursday and they said he could take the sling off now and start exercising his arm so that it can get it's strength and range of motion back! Yay! He's not supposed to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk with that one arm for three weeks, but that should be fine.

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Ben said...

You should try PB and Fluff, your kids would love it. I'm pretty sure fluff is just powdered milk. :)