Monday, January 28, 2013

Scott is 32!

 Scott turned 32 last week. With my help, the kids each got Scott a snack/food item that he could take to work and which we wrote fun messages on and then placed in spots around the house where he'd easily find them in the morning like in his sock drawer, in the bathroom on the counter, near his lunch box etc. They said things like, "I am nuts over you dad" and then we attached it to the jar of nuts, and "I think you're 'grand'" to the 100 grand candy bar. He thought it was fun to find these all over the place :).
 For breakfast all he wanted was a healthy-ish cereal. Cereal is something I rarely buy but if they special request it on their birthday, how could I say no. And the picture above he's opening his gift from me which was a game he really liked that we played with his parents while we were in NC. It's called Double Bananagrams (we got the 'double' version, which just means it's for more players, because all of our kids love to play games and we knew we'd some day need it. Elisabeth and Charles can already play it with us with a little bit of assistance) .
 Scott also special requested these cookies. They are nutella sandwich cookies. He loves nutella so when we came across this recipe a few weeks ago he knew that's what he wanted for his birthday treat.
 And I had a buy 1 get 1 free cupcake coupon from a bakery so I got 2 cupcakes so that he had something to hold his birthday candle in since the cookies were too crunchy on the outside to hold a candle.
Going backwards, we had lasagna, home-made bread sticks(made with half whole wheat flour), and salad for dinner. The lasagna was made with a particular home-made red meat sauce and a home-made white sauce. Everything was amazing! Happy Birthday Scott!

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