Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nora is crawling

 Nora started crawling a couple of weeks ago, around 8 and 1/2 months of age.
 She's getting faster and going farther every day. We've been talking about putting up some sort of gate at the top of our stairs for years...both Annabelle and Jane fell down all 14 carpeted stairs, twice each(Amazingly, neither one was seriously injured and I'm sure they must have had angels protecting them). We decided not to just push the couch up against the top of the stairs like we'd done in years past, and which obviously wasn't good enough. We've tried to put up the metal gate we bought but with the shape of the railing post, it is not steady.

Scott had some scrap wood in the shed and decided to make one. He bought a hinge and a hook so we can lock it closed. It was sort of an eye-sore what with the one piece of wood being unfinished and the other piece of wood painted an auburn color. Since the kids are out of school right now,  the kids and I took it upon ourselves to fix it up. One day we sanded it and went out and bought paints for the design we had in mind.

That evening Scott and I painted the front of the wood white and let it dry over night. The next morning I painted the back side blue and we let it dry until after lunch which is when I let the three oldest (the younger two were sleeping) paint their ocean mural. I penciled in a few dolphins for the kids to paint in, but besides that they pretty much did it all on their own.

 The front of the gate is all white with all the kids handprints on there, even baby Nora. She was really hard to get on there but all the other kids did great. I saved Nora for last and when I put the paint on her hand she immediately made a fist and would not open it. I grabbed a toy she likes and put it near the spot where I wanted her hand to go and sure enough she opened her hand to grab the toy for just long enough that I was able to quickly get her hand down and marked. Unfortunately, as soon as her hand was pressed against the board she fisted it again making a rainbow type shape on the board...but it was the size of her hand and I could see where the original hand print was so I felt like that was good enough for now and I could probably touch it up with a wet rag and a brush once I got her other hand done. I washed her hand off and we went through that whole scenario again with hand number too.

The kids laughed and thought Nora's reaction to the paint on her hand was hilarious. They were also so surprised when they saw that I was able to save her print and make it look nice. I just wiped between the fingers with a clean damp cloth and then added some paint to where she first placed her hand down. I think it turned out really cute!

 And here is their ocean mural! They absolutely loved being able to do this and I thought it was pretty fun too. The ocean mural was Elisabeth's idea, and a good one! And now we should have a pretty safe long as we can be sure we're always locking up the gate after we've opened it.


Angela said...

I feel so much better now! I also don't feel so bad about us not getting a rocking chair until the last baby.

Great job! I love it.

The Horne's said...

Oh my gosh I love it!!!! What a great idea, and after you are done with the gate, you can keep it as a keepsake with all their hand prints! So creative!

kelley said...

Very nice! Looks like ours :) but Jericho isn't as good with the dolphins...

Elisa said...

Thanks! I think it's a nice little addition to the upstairs :).

Kelley, your gate is what gave Scott the idea to make one himself. Thanks! And no worries on the dolphins; you just tell Jericho that next time I'm out there I'll pencil some in that he can paint :).