Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Year

Well, it's Sunday night and I just signed onto my blog to write a post for Monday and I noticed that the post I wrote and posted for this past Wednesday, didn't ever work. So I went into my account to find the post and I found the title of the post, "New Year" with not even 1/4 of what I wrote and the pictures I posted..needless to say, I was disappointed to have lost that post and the time I spent writing that post, and I'm not going to rewrite it because I already did it once and it took awhile. Instead I'll give a summary and try and find the same pictures I used for that post.

I had the books I read in 2012 and then talked about some New Years resolutions for myself which are pretty much to do what I'm doing already but get even better at it like to be a better mom and wife, to continue to keep a clean and organized house (see picture with a pile of clothes on the floor. Several times a year we go through our closets and give away things we don't use anymore), learn lots and do well in my calling, continue eating well and exercising...that sort of thing. Oh, and I do have an all around new goal and that's to stop biting my nails! I've been doing it since kindergarten and I've finally decided this year that it's really got to stop.

The picture of Jane and I eating food with candlelight was to show that Scott and I still do dates several times a month but that usually they are in-home dates where we'll get take-out or watch a movie or play games after the kids have gone to bed. On this particular evening, both Jane and Nora decided they wanted to join us and so we let them...but just for the record, normally our in-home date nights are kid-free; this was the first time any of the kids have joined us. And that's all for now folks! I'll post again real soon. I've got pictures from Scott's birthday last week and of Nora crawling! She is so, so sweet and dainty! I just want to have her glued to my side all day...oh wait, she is! I am so lucky!! Seriously love that baby!

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