Monday, January 21, 2013

New Friend

 A single mom in our neighborhood has gone back to school and needed someone to watch her daughter a few days a week. It worked out with our schedule to have her over during this semester so every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-3 we have Madison over to play. Madison is about the same age as Annabelle and because of all the time they spend together they've become like sisters. We still keep to our regular schedule of snack and lunch time, and school and quiet time and they still have lots of time for dress-ups and barbies etc. Here they are quietly coloring while Jane and Nora nap.
 One afternoon they were trying to decide what to do and I suggested barbies and they turned me down flat! Then I saw the state of our barbies hair and couldn't blame the girls for wanting to do something else. By the way, there was a pinterest project I saw to put liquid fabric softener in barbies hair and it would make taking tangles out easy; uh-uh, no, no my friend. The tangles were still awful and on top of that they wreaked of fabric softener! I had to keep them outside for 2 weeks and they still smell...but at least it's not so strong that it's giving me a headache anymore.
 So I decided to play hair dresser and I combed and trimmed all the barbies hair and got everyone looking very lovely :). I even thinned several of the barbies manes out with my thinning sheers and I gave Ariel some long layers :). Tangled or Rapunzel needed a serious chop. I literally had to cut my way through her braid to get it undone.  I  ended up giving her the "after Flynn chopped her hair" look which the girls were okay with because it was in the movie. The girls were SO excited to play with the barbies again...and I may or may not have played barbies along with them for awhile.

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