Monday, January 7, 2013

NC Part 3 of 3

New Years Eve we played games together and watched a movie. Scott and I were also able to go on a date out to dinner that night which was fun. We ate at Chipotle which was a place I had been wanting to try for awhile. Yummy, yummy! Elisabeth, Scott and I stayed up until midnight. The next day we had Kevin and Chelsey and Alisa and Jason and all their children over for a visit. Kevin, Scott, Jason and Alisa all went to school together in Raleigh. It was fun seeing them again and meeting their children. 11 children total between the three couples!
Nora and Jane got sick last. So they laid around the last couple of days. Nora didn't sleep through the night while we were there and toward the end she was coughing so much at night she'd wake up several times and a couple times she'd cough so much it'd made her throw up. I'm SO glad that is over now.
Grandpa and Jane having a little siesta.
Scott and Kelley, his younger sister.
Charlie's birthday was coming up and he asked if we could do a little birthday celebration with the family while we were there since he normally doesn't get to celebrate with grandparents or cousins. Since we all had colds we got rice dream ice cream sandwiches and rice dream vanilla ice cream with cones. The kids can't even tell the difference and I love them so it was all good.

And of course there was lots of time to play games. Grandpa played UNO with the kids.

Jane is two. Jane won. She is so cute!

Nora loves to play with faces: poke eyes, grab lips, pat cheeks. I love it!
Man, Elisabeth is flexible!
Nora also loves to grab onto the strings of sweatshirts while sucking her thumb :).
Charles got a little hot while playing UNO (just like his dad!) and rolled up his pajama shirt and pants.
And Thursday, about 10 days after arrival, we were back at the Raleigh airport, flying home to Utah. This time we had a layover in Washington DC. This layover was two hours which gave us enough time to grab dinner, play with toys, and Nora got to take a nap.

And now we're back again! In NC it was about 50 degrees most days so we just brought long sleeves and sweatshirts. When we arrived in SLC, the flight attendant got over the intercom and said, 'welcome to SLC, it is currently 9 degrees outside'. A shockingly cold welcome, but welcome none the less.

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