Monday, January 7, 2013

NC Part 2 of 3

After Christmas it was time to focus on the wedding which was a couple days away. Thursday evening, the night before the wedding, we had the grooms family over for dinner; I think there was about 20 of us all together. I made chicken and cheese enchiladas, a couple types of beans and salad. Everything turned out well and we had a good time.
Wade had a couple of nieces that came that were about the same ages as Elisabeth and Annabelle. They hit it off and became fast friends. Here they are at the piano: Elisabeth playing Christmas songs while the girls sang along.
They brought the cutest little puppy that my kids adored!
Friday morning was the wedding. Krissy and Wade were sealed in the Raleigh, NC temple. Angela and Kelley were so good to have arranged a couple of sitters to come and sit with the children in the waiting room so both Scott and I could attend the sealing.
In the afternoon we had a luncheon at the seminary building and then that evening was the reception which was at a friends home (more like a mansion! beautiful!). Here is Scott with his very good, long time friend Kevin.

I made Krissy's wedding cake, nothing too extravagant since I was coming in from out of state, just a simple two tiered spice cake with butter cream frosting. Kelley made the beautiful topper!

Mark, Scott's older brother, was able to drive in that day with his two kids Anthony and Anna. The cousins loved spending time together. Poor Anna was not happy about having to wear a dress. But she did and looked great! :)
My three oldest kids were still not feeling well which was such a bummer because this house had the coolest set up for kids. The downstairs had this huge theater room with movie theater seats and there was a pool table and arcade games etc. Angela had set up a couple of babysitters to stay with the kids during the reception(thank you Angela!). Anyway, after just a few minutes into the reception, Elisabeth came upstairs with a fever and just wanting to sleep, and so we found her a quiet room and she laid on a couch and promptly fell asleep. Annabelle and Charles came up toward the end, also both feverish, and laid down on the couches in the front room until we were ready to leave. I felt bad that they were ill.

But Nora and Jane felt great! :) Their sickness hit a couple days later.

The day after the reception we declared, "pajama day" because everyone was so tired and exhausted and still sick.
We laid around and watched movies.
And played with cousins and visited.

Then Sunday was baby Holden's baby blessing. So we drove out to Kelley and Jericho's house (about an hour) for church and then dinner.
All the kids dropped off to sleep on the ride home...they were still a little sick and exhausted from having so much fun playing with cousins and family and wedding stuff.
*As a side note Angela borrowed three car seats so we didn't have to bring any on the plane with us(bless her heart!) and we could fit all of the family, but one in her car which meant we didn't need to do a car rental. So usually Elisabeth and Charles would take turns riding with Grandma and Grandpa in his truck. We're so grateful to Angela and the family for all their work/planning/preparations which made this trip so comfortable and pleasant for us.

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