Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Getting Ready for Christmas

I know this is late, but better late than never, right? Here are some pictures of our weeks leading up to Christmas and some of the things we did to get ready. Below are the bedtime passes we made to go in Elisabeth and Charlie's stockings. They say, "you may stay up one night after your siblings have gone to bed and watch a movie with Mom and Dad" with a footnote that it can't be redeemed on a school night. I'm actually pretty excited for them to redeem their passes :). 
These are the teacher gifts we put together for Elisabeth and Charlie's school teachers. It says "energy in a jar" with ribbon around a quart sized jar and inside is a Clif Bar, hot cocoa, truffles, a bag of nuts and a bag of crackers.
We've gotten a lot more snow this year than last. Let it snow!
Scott and Nora
Me and Jane getting neighbor gifts together
Elisabeth and Annabelle helped put italian chex mix together for our neighbors.
Char helping us keep things clean.

Scott wanted to make a couple of festive cookies to give away as well so we made these hershey peppermint thumbprint cookies and some junior mint thumbprint candy cane cookies. Not healthy. But we gave away most of them. 

We colored Christmas trees onto the back of string cheese using permanent marker and brought them to our Grazzini family Christmas party.
Here we are at the party, decorating gingerbread.
And of course, amidst all the sugar and white flour, at least one child was bound to get sick(more got sick in the weeks to follow which I'll talk about in a later post). Here is Jane sleeping on the couch with a throw-up bowl next to her just in case. 
Look at her legs? So flexible!
And last but not least, Elisabeth with the gingerbread house she made at school (she's dressed like a pirate because they sang a pirate song at school that went to the '12 days of christmas' song).

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